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3rd pair-up for Sebastian (Clark Parker) & Ryder (Dante Colle)

Their 1st pair-up at Corbin Fisher was released last year where Sebastian barebacked Ryder (aka Brother Calhoun).




Their 2nd pair-up was released this year where Sebastian was still the top.




Ryder is now known as Dante Colle and Sebastian as Clark Parker.

As Dante & Clark, the two were once again paired. This time for Guys In Sweatpants and this scene will be released this coming weekend.


Ryder with his experience with SebastianSebastian though is a fan favorite for a reason lol after doing two scenes with him, he’s definitely one of the my favorites to work with. He knows what he is doing, He can get into it pretty well, and just all around a dope guy.

The latest on Ryder, as Dante Colle, was released today by Bromo, where he had a train fuck with Aston Springs & Damien Stone.