If you miss Christian Wilde, who started gay porn in 2007 and retired 3 years ago, he shared today an update about his life on Twitter.

Christian left that adult industry since he needed to head in a more stable & reliable direction. He worked as an EMT for 18 months and is now based in Germany.

He was diagnosed in 2018 with ulcerative colitis, a life long disease with no cure. He is now 80% improved due to stronger drugs and can now live his life again. He wants to be in a place that is something good & positive. He wants to have fun and doesn’t want to waste his life. However, he is still unsure on what to do next with his life.

He is debating whether to go back to the adult industry. In the meantime, he is doing live cam shows. And, if you want more updates about his life, follow him on Twitter.


Christian Wilde loves you all.

24 thoughts on “Life update from Christian Wilde

  1. Didn’t watch the clips, just read the comments…so what’s so bad with being an EMT as “doing something with your life”? Also, I assumed due to his many appearances with KINK and seeing that he was giving demos on BDSM, that he was sorta doing the DOM thing as an off-camera lifestyle. Hope he’s feeling better though. I always enjoyed his work.

  2. I didn’t waist time watching the videos but for some people it seems there isn’t anything to do with life besides porn. He even isn’t gay. As so many like him, he has ( or had ) a ‘wife’ (a German woman that was a porn performer and prostitute too ) and a child ( Who does know if he had more since then?…) Main stream porn needs youth or a very well toned body and the offer of fresh meat seems to be in an industrial scale nowadays… I don’t think it is ethical to be an EMT and a porn performer/prostitute at the same time.

  3. I was late attendee to the Christian Wilde party. At first when I saw him and his work was so popular I was like meh. Then I actually watched a couple of his BG scenes and immediately his personality, funny dirty talk and his incredible sexual appetite I was a fan right away. Then I saw some of his youtube clips where he would just talk and I was impressed with his deep thinking and wonderful personality. I wish him the best.

  4. His Twitter is nothing but him, women, and hetero-leaning men like Wolf Hudson, Lance Hart, Pierce Paris, Dante Colle.
    Would it kill men like him to be associated with homosexual men?
    Hopefully he will stay out of porn.

  5. Social media is a form of sociology, self-branding, and ego building. That’s especially with these porn performers. So, people tend to highlight on their social media the types of folks and groups who they want to be associated with and leave out the people who they don’t wish to be connected to.
    The reality is that these types guys don’t genuinely consider themselves to be a part of the “lgbtq community”, and most don’t really look at gay-identifying and homosexual men as comparable to them. Most see themselves as merely straight guys with some quirks and fluidity or personal struggles. Even the bi/pan/fluid identifying guys with those attributes tend to see themselves in that light. However, there’s also a fair share of dudes who see themselves as merely gay guys with some quirks or fluidity or a willingness to sexually engage with anyone, whether they identify as gay or bi/pan/fluid/queer/I-don’t-believe-in-labels. The reality is that if you don’t have genuine and substantial same-sex passions, affections, romantic urges, emotional investment, relationship ambitions then you’re unlikely to feel connected to anything “gay”. Everyone outside of the cis gender and entirely hetero spectrum is not automatically unified and comparable. That is why it’s so important to look beyond identities and “labels”, why it’s important to look at people as individuals, why it’s important to understand the gender, romantic, sexual, affection, emotional, relationship spectrum. It’s also why it’s important not to take porn and porn performers that seriously and realize that porn is work and a business at the end of the day.

  6. That’s pretty much the only clip of his that I’ve watched and didn’t skip past.

  7. I respect the realities of fluidity and the overall spectrum, and I don’t care much about identities. But this is partially why I find it pathetic how desperate some homosexuals, gay-identifying men, 50/50 bi guys, overall homo-leaning dudes with same-sex romantic/relationship ambitions are to be associated with these types of men. Some are desperate to get any type of notice from these guys and to be connected with them in any way. To me, that is one of the ultimate signs of internalized homophobia and hetero/non-homo worship. It’s okay to defend these guys and ask for people to understand them. It’s okay to be associated with them, especially because you’re in the same industry. But you also need to realize that guys who don’t have unabashed same-sex passions, affections, love, emotional investment, relationship ambitions will always have a different type of circumstance and perspective. And most aren’t interested in associating with you and connecting themselves to you from a sociological and political standpoint, outside of looking for you to defend them or give them money. That’s just a reality folks need to accept.

  8. He lists himself as a “Wannabe pornstar”, which is really all he ever was. He never embraced gay porn, not really and I’m assuming when he says “adult industry”, he means straight porn. He’s a Gay4Pay porn star, who never earned his money’s worth. I wish him all the best with his health…but he is totally irrelevant to porn. Unless he throws himself into his persona of Christian Wilde for the first time, steps up to the plate and mans-up with men and gay sex…have a nice life away from the industry.

  9. He did have that everyday masculine, white-trash type of appeal, which I understand. Those types of guys sometimes turn me on. But he represents the very low standards of gay porn and straight/hetero-leaning privilege. In most of his scenes he never really even attempted to pretend he was enjoying himself or had genuine same-sex passions. Hell, he was fairly mediocre, awkward and unenthusiastic in the bi, trans and straight clips I’ve seen of his over the years. He may or may not be a good dude. But he was able to last in porn for years based simply off of being a straight-passing, decent looking white guy with a redneck type sex appeal. The performances and persona was never there. He is a full representation of the white, masculine, straight/non-homo privileges in the industry.

  10. To me he can stay away. The fact that he only bottomed once and never bottomed again – even though he looked hot riding a dick – is a huge turn-off for me. If you can’t bother to bottom then I can’t bother to care about you and so you’re best forgotten.

  11. I’m not a medical professional but I’m pretty sure ulcerative colitis while it CAN be lifelong without a cure, it’s not necessarily lifelong for every single person. I don’t doubt the seriousness of his particular case given his accounting of it but it is entirely possible to get better with treatment, which he has apparently done. Terms like lifelong and no cure are alarming and I think its a condition whose severity can differ widely from person to person.

  12. The fact that this was the only time he bottomed really limited his appeal for me. I wish he had bottomed at least a handful of times. Imagine a BG scene with him getting fucked by Spencer Reed. So many missed opportunities for him to have been a legend. As is, he was just a good top.

  13. Yes this guy Christian Wilde was never special that is for sure. He only bottomed once he was never popular. I heard Germany has a porn industry he should work there. Tim Tales maybe?

  14. I have had colitis in the past, not the ulcerative kind, but I have gotten better after proper treatment. I haven’t had any symptoms in years – but I’m aware they might come back any time :-/

  15. Literally no interest in seeing his clips, but just wanted to say he used to be a little bit cute but not really anymore.

  16. he did a 100+ gay scenes…he did more than dip his toe into the gay stuff.
    (his bound gods stuff was good)
    Other than him having an aversion to bottoming (which he did at least once I think) he did everything else.

  17. All the hate and judgment in most of these comments is disgusting and downright b*tchy. Gay folks, stop being a stereotype, and do better!!!

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