Leon Foreman (King), Kellan Hartmann & Ash Riley (Brant)

Leon Foreman, who was introduced this year by Gay Hoopla, is now out of Gay Hoopla.

He is now known as Leon King.

The first studio to release a scene of him as Leon King is Say Uncle (via Missionary Boys).

And, he has an upcoming scene with Roman Todd at Next Door Studios.

Kellan Hartmann, who left Gay Hoopla for the 2nd time, did a live cam show yesterday at Chaturbate.

His latest Twitter account was suspended.

Ash Riley (aka Brant in 2013), the latest guy introduced by Gay Hoopla and currently leading as your favorite model this week, had a str8 scene released at Hot Guys Fuck early this month.

5 thoughts on “Leon Foreman (King), Kellan Hartmann & Ash Riley (Brant)

  1. Gayhoopla is suspicious cus they make sure now, just recently to have the guys who film for hgf only come to film those straight scene so the performance is better thats why leon’s gay scenes are lacklusters cus they cramp all the other biguysfuck and gayhoopla together and thats coming from leon himself and thats considering he says he is pansexual and just recently another bisexual model of their kingsley kross said all the guys they hire are straight anyway. Now this awful has ran for wayyy too long, way too long but one thing they did consistently is be lackluster and awful with gayhoopla despite the fact that they started with it. They are so cheap they always hire guys they recycle and since they want to be known for straight porn they hire bi and straight guys that lean towards the straight side. Why can’t we have models separated by studios, are they cheap or are they broke cus they still toot their own horn every 6 months to have ‘that strong’ of a surge of users you must have an even stronger dip in subscribers. Its also creepy how the losers behind the scenes have onlyfans of their own and take advantage of the model to make more content. I guess the models deserve the management for even working with that studio, all that to say the world porn wouldnt be negatively impacted if all their site disappeared especially when they sabotage their gay porn and ´gay’ studio

    1. They do keep trying, I’ll give them that. They do this whole big massive show of going bareback…but bring in new models to do it, instead of their existing guys, who people would actually want to see. And I still can’t get over their “competition” of saying that one of their subscribers would get to become one of their porn stars and do a scene with one of their favourite models…when in fact, it was rigged and they hired the “winner”. I still reckon they were just collecting contact details to sell on to cold-calling companies. The website is a shambles, but they keep digging bigger and bigger holes for themselves…and never producing a single worthwhile video.

      1. IDK I’m willing to say that their recent GH video with Jeremy Barker and Jaxson Briggs or their BGF video with Jeremy Barker and Andy McBride counts as a single worthwhile video.

  2. Unpopular Opinion: The right amount of guys go to the gay/bi side of their sister sites. When you look through HGF roster, more than half of their models went to the gay or bi side in previous years than ever before. Their superstar models Channing, Kellan, Jeremy, Chase all did gay or bi porn. The new guys that didn’t usually do ONE or TWO scenes at HGF max and never come back. Some of them never went gay on their site but did after they left the company (Mateo Jerez, Will Molina). I believe them when they say they don’t try to force a model to do gay porn even though they ask everybody would they be down for it. If the guys say no, then that’s their right.

    Honestly gay consumers want to see gay for pay or straight men doing gay related stuff. Lets not act like there isn’t an audience for that and hasn’t been since forever. The truth is, gay men hate each other and simply being gay is a strike against you. It has gotten that bad but we don’t talk about it just like we don’t talk about Bruno. So of course the industry sees that and is going to cater to that. The porn industry has a bottom line just like every other industry and that’s money, money, money!

    Gayhoopla/biguysfuck has a high turn over rate and has had one forever. Personally, all of their new models on all 3 sites are nothing to write home about. It looks like they peaked around 2020 and after a really high stride in 2017-2018 with models like Channing Rodd (he was set to come back but didn’t), Julian Rodriguez, Zach Douglas, Jacob Booker, Price, Josh Farve, Bradley Whitman, Canelo, Jerry Cabrera, and more. I’m not saying those guys were the creme of the crop but they were MUCH better than their current roster.

    Leon is right. They do film seems like a manufacturing plant that is because they’re very cheap. The boys come in from out of state for a week or so and they try to film as many scenes with them as possible. That’s why they have so many Colin Simpson scenes in bulk even though he has been gone for going on 3 years now, and probably for the next 10 years.

  3. I think Kellan’s bubble was burst after he left Hoopla and realized he wasn’t worth much outside of that site. He was coined one of HGF’s superstar models and then he went to the gay side and his fanfare waned with each video. He is a lackluster performer with men and women; albeit, you can tell his heart’s with women. The only one who seems to have any luck outside of their studio is Jayden Masters because he seems down for whatever. Jeremy crawled back and Channing tired to after they realize no one cares about them outside of Gayhoopla. They’ve all have OF that no one is interested in so they delete them, start them, delete them until they have to crawl back at Gayhoopla. I can’t keep up. I guess Kellen is going to try cam modeling, which is considered hustling backwards but nothing wrong with an old faithful. I guess.

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