Kyle Connors, Ashton Summers & Felix Fox

Double penetration of Kyle Connors by Dante Colle & Finn Harding at Men.

Ashton Summers, with facial hair, in a flip fuck with Devy at Men.

Felix Fox, with a sex position you might want to try at home, as the top to Troye Dean at Men.

9 thoughts on “Kyle Connors, Ashton Summers & Felix Fox

  1. I can’t take Felix seriously as a top. It’s not as ridiculous as Johnny Rapid, but it still doesn’t work. And I don’t blame Kyle for being flaccid…it must be from the shame of having sex with Dante Colle.

    1. I know it’s weird but when guys let Johnny get all verbal as a top, it’s super hot

  2. Kyle is an amazing bottom, has come a long way since he broke in with Jax Thirio a couple of years ago and eats as much cum as he can. Felix is a very versatile dynamo with a healthy ego. Two gingers like this are very rare and they should collaborate.

  3. I’ll give MEN credit here for three attractive looking scenes: elegant interiors, soft lighting, and no outraged women. Of the three, the Devy/Ashton pairing looks like my fave.

  4. Kyle Connors, Dante Colle and Finn Harding are three hot guys. When Finn Harding is in a scene I rarely take my eyes off the Finn man.

  5. Has Felix Fox had cosmetic surgery on his face? It’s a lot more angular than it used to be.

  6. I actually find Ashton Summers really hot with facial hair and that is something I very rarely say.

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