Sergeant Miles, Apolo Adrii, Roque Rems, Ryan Jordan, Chris White & John Bronco

Sergeant Miles, who was arrested for his role in the January 6 insurrection, as the top & bottom in his threesome with Apolo Adrii & Roque Rems at Lucas Entertainment.

Ryan Jordan in his last (?) scene after his announced his retirement in a flip fuck with Chris White at Active Duty [gallery].

John Bronco, who won as your favorite model of the week but lost in the monthly poll last year, as the latest guy introduced at Sean Cody.

37 thoughts on “Sergeant Miles, Apolo Adrii, Roque Rems, Ryan Jordan, Chris White & John Bronco

    1. Wow! And who the fuck cares what you think??? Uh, that would be um… NO ONE!

      1. I’m thinking you don’t quite get the concept of a public commenting system, Lamar.

      2. “Who the fuck cares about what you think?”

        Well, you do and that’s quite enough lol

  1. Wow, but Sergeant Miles has decomposed even more than the last time I saw him. Haggard isn’t the word :-/

    He’s an awful person, but he used to be a beautiful and now he’s becoming the true reflection of the things he says.

    1. sargeant miles is a trumpist toad and I never thought he was handsome…I love chris white and apolo as well..ryan jordan seemed to enjoy gay sex even if he was not gay…I wish him the best in whatever he does from now on because of that

  2. Ok why are we giving a Trumper the time of day when he doesn’t care about our community and is only doing porn to collect a check.

    1. Ask Michael Lucas that question. He’s the only one who will hire him as far as I can tell.

    2. Even though he’s pan and has been on camera with women and trans apparently his last relationship was homosexual so…

      1. It was?

        That’s surprising, as most of these types tend to go for men only for sex and stick to women for actual meaningful relationships to prove to the world about how not-gay they are.

    3. because we are in some ways a self loathing community who seems more on this board to care about defining who is gay or who is not than disowning those political views imperil our right to marry another gay man in real time

      1. You know that queer theorists who are pushing for the dilution of the gay identity don’t give a shit about gay marriage, do you?

        They didn’t care about it then, and don’t care about it now.

        1. Exactly. Most Queer Theorists believe being homosexuality is the product of ‘false consciousness’, hence the desire amongst this group to water down the word to almost nothing.

        2. Miles is a trump loyalist and Trump appointed three of the five Supreme Court justices who will get rid of a woman’s right to have an abortion…this same court will most likely rule against gay men marrying their partner as well and you are talking about queer theorists…the point is dont purchase porn featuring men who would deny you the right to marry your partner in real time…and Miles is one of those people

          1. If that’s your point, then your point is pointless.

            Most people here are already condemning the guy and I doubt any of us actually would go as far as to support him in any way.

            On the other hand, you paint only trumpsters as the ones who are against gay marriage, which is a total and complete lie.

            There are many “progressives” who are against gay marriage and never supported it in the first place because “assimilation is bad” and “gay marriage makes homosexuality less subversive and that’s bad”.

            They always, ALWAYS go uncriticized by people like you, which is quite ironic isn’t it?

            1. ummm…which “progressives” are you talking about”…I just know that the three trumpster appointed judges uncle tom and alioto if given a chance will rule against gay marriage….what is ironic is that you make a blanket statement without giving any names…the progressives on this supreme court I have not heard or seen them be against gay marriage have you?

            2. I know Hilary clinton used to be against gay marriage and is now for it..Trump rolled back protections for trans people in the military and protections for gay people in general under guise of ” religious liberty..when gay republicans had a choice to endorse Trump in 2016…they did not..

    4. I dont care if he was a trumper but the jan 6th riot crossed the line and if doesnt believe in the election results he has no place in porn.. people should boycott studios hes in

  3. Ryan Jordan was a good performer, handsome but unassuming. I hope he has a good life away from the industry.

  4. John Bronco is a great addition to the SC bench. John’s always got a big smile on his face. I’m guessing that’s because he’s looked in the mirror and knows just how fine he is.

  5. I thought Sergeant Miles was locked up? I guess these productions happened before that? Anyway. Not a fan of his. I think he’s a right mess, inside and out. I also don’t know what’s keeping him clinging on to gay porn. It’s got to be the money. He never appears to enjoy the sex he’s having (with men, anyway). The beauty of individual choice is that I don’t have to watch his scenes.

    John Bronco is attractive and built, but he’s just another G4P’er. Another anomaly. Is the money really THAT good? I wish I could get into the brains of these guys and understand how they operate. What motivates them? Is it the admiration in general, the taboo acts associated with voyeurism or the monetary compensation they’re receiving for going against their innate desires? Who knows. I wish I could tune all of that out and enjoy these guys based on the fantasy, but.. I can’t. My imagination is limited. I’ll be the first to admit that.

  6. John Bronco reminds me a lot of the best COLT models back in its heyday…guys like Rick Wolfmeir and Mike Betts, Adam Champ…guys who had boulders for shoulders …..

    1. the difference between John Bronco and those sexy COLT men back in its heyday…those COLT men sometimes had sex with other men even though COLT had solos as well…I dont see John doing a lot of man on man filiming and enjoying it like those COLT men did…Wolfmeir and Mike Betts together is hotter than anything I see John doing alone

      1. John Bronco has already had sex with a few men. (As lackluster as it was.) I think Davey Wavey was who originally made me aware of him. I remember seeing quite a few of his YouTube videos not so long ago, The “I’m a straight guy doing gay shit” kinda teaser videos.

      2. I think you’re kinda misinformed. If you go to the torrent sites you will see supposedly straight John Bronco has PLENTY of sex with men on his Only Fan site. I’ve got several scenes of him…he sucks, he fucks, he gets sucked he gets fucked.

        He just doesn’t have scenes with traditional porn studios. He’s not like say Cody Cummings or Mark Dalton or any of the other no talent guys who don’t do anything.

  7. seargent Miles is hot as hell. leftist gays is the worst thing that has happened to the gay community. They are a horrible inquisition that goes against freedom of expression. Homosexuals in the 80s were freer without this type of leftist sect that LGBT has become. If you like the left so much, go to Putin’s Russia or the Castro’s Cuba.

  8. John Bronco may be G4P but at least he is versatile.

    As for Sgt. Miles, I used to think he was hot until I read his social media and was instantly turned off.

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