Tyler Torro, Kevin Crows, Alexander Kudrov, Steven Daigle, Brad Star, Roman Heart, Rusty Stevens & Vance Crawford (Oct. 2010)

Tyler Torro [gallery] was introduced by Next Door Studios.

Kevin Crows had two solos released – one at SG4GE and the other one at Next Door Studios [gallery].

Martin (2009) of Sean Cody was introduced as Martin Hess at College Dudes.

Brant (2007) of Sean Cody was introduced as Jay Stone at Randy Blue.

Nicholas (2009) of Corbin Fisher was introduced as Alexander Kudrov at Randy Blue.

Josh Slyman was fucked by his own cock and Rod Daily at Next Door Studios.

The first str8 scene of Steven Daigle was released. And, Steven’s scene with his then boyfriend Trent Locke [movies] was released by Cocksure Men. From Trent’s now deleted blog “My scene with Steven. Great time. We just did what we do in bed – Except this time we broke a headboard. He has a really fat dick and he definitely stepped it up a notch – We were so turned on to be finally fucking each other on camera! After all, it’s what we do.. Kinda like “Take Your Boyfriend to Work Day

Brad Star returned via his scene with Cliff Jensen at Suite 703, now known as Richard.XXX.

Roman Heart, who passed away in 2019, returned via his double penetration with Jimmy Durano & a dildo.

Rusty Stevens [movies] retired and moved to Hawaii.

Vance Crawford was the latest porn star fucked by Jake Cruise.

16 thoughts on “Tyler Torro, Kevin Crows, Alexander Kudrov, Steven Daigle, Brad Star, Roman Heart, Rusty Stevens & Vance Crawford (Oct. 2010)

  1. Watching top man Cliff Jensen fucking Brad Star was so hot. I always wanted to be the lucky bottoms that Cliff fucked.

  2. I miss Tyler Torro soooo much. I think when Next Door started to do bareback, they lost a lot of models. I was sad. I get it, but who knows.

    1. He was so incredible! Face. Body. Dick. He was a true triple threat. Is that why he stopped performing there? I guess I didn’t know that was the reason, if that’s the case. I would have loved to watch him fill bottoms up with his load.

  3. I miss Tyler Torro, Kevin Crows and Brad Star. They were all super hot. Give extra point for Brad Star because he bottomed sometimes. Kevin Crows has super sexy smile and his rimming performance was superb.

  4. Brad Star, cute and a decent performer; I remember him getting fucked by Chad Hunt. Rusty Stevens an even better performer, some really hot scenes. Tyler Torro, to me, was a snooze.

  5. Tyler Torro was attractive, but he was a terrible performer. An ironing board would be more animated.

    1. U mustve never saw his scene Copulation with Anthony Romero….wow, super hot and he was always into his scenes with Romero but Copulation he took to next level and I think Romero woulda been a given time he woulda ended kissing.

      1. I know Tyler Torro is one of the famous straight models back then. Would you know if he ever kissed another guy and given a blowjob? Did he ever bottom? Please let me know which scene/s he did those. Thanks.

        1. He never kissed a guy, he did kiss the chicks in his str8 scenes, with guys he never really touched cock with his hands but did play with cock with his feet, he did fondle the balls of Mario Vega telling him in a playful way that Mario has a couple of low hangers, he has fingered a few of his male scene partners the hottest probably being his ass play in Copulation with Romero. And one REAL GOOD quality about a lot of his scenes is he is able to fuck up until he is ready to cum, he pulls in many scenes rips off condom and cums which is rare for str8 males doing gay and even a lot gay performers dont do that, theres always a cut away then back to the scene after theyve obviously had to spend more time jacking off in order to cum. Plus the chemistry in his scenes with Romero are very clear and obvious. There was something there with those 2

          1. Thanks . Too bad he never kissed a guy. I wish NDS was able to make him kiss a guy like they did with Cody Cummings. But thanks again for the scene suggestion.

  6. I don’t think Tyler Torro was a bad performer at all. He was equally the same with guy or girl. I used to love his scenes with Rod Daily. The doctor checkup scene is still top notch. He was very passionate with Rod. He was stroking and holding Rod’s hand when he was giving him a blowjob and Tyler definitely had lust in his eyes for Rod. I also like the 3way scene he did with Trystan Bull. That was pretty good as well.

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