Chaos Men, Randy of Sean Cody & Jaxson Briggs of Gay Hoopla

Chaos Men has been re-designed similar to Disruptive Films – one of the sites owned by its new owners.

Randy of Sean Cody asked his fans last year for financial help via his 2nd Go Fund Me page for his recovery from substance abuse. He is again in need of your help.

Hello, I am in need of help for when I recover from my injury. I woke up deathly ill and finally went to the hospital and my kidney function was at 21% amongst a couple other issues but the kidneys being the most serious. I am feeling better. I have been in the hospital for 5 days now and as most of you know I am in recovery and I was living in a halfway house. Because I have been gone for so long I was discharged. Now when I leave I dont know what I am going to do or where I am going to go. I have been in recovery since November 9, 2021. Life has gotten much better and I am so happy to have made it this far. Unfortunately, I have this setback with my health. Any donations will go towards finding a place to live and help me get back on my feet. Anything helps. To all my fans who still support me and follow me, I love you all !

Jaxson Briggs is out of Gay Hoopla & Hot Guys Fuck. He is up next at See Him Fuck.

13 thoughts on “Chaos Men, Randy of Sean Cody & Jaxson Briggs of Gay Hoopla

  1. At least Randy is now admitting he has a substance abuse problem. And holy crap, if what he says about his kidneys is true it’s one heck of a consequence. I hope he can get back on his feet and that any money he receives will be put to the purpose he states. Gay porn could use a “good news story” regarding a former model.

    1. Am I missing something, because I didn’t see him mention drugs? He said “injury”, which could be drug related, but he sounds like he’s really in a bad situation and I hope he gets out of it…but my biggest worry about these gofundme’s is that so many of the guys are asking for help/money and aren’t in the right state of mind, not to just use it to hit drugs again :-/

    2. Yeah all those years of abuse with drugs and bodybuilding(for porn) has caught up. He’s very unlucky

  2. I donated $50.00 to Randy. because I could and he gave me many good wanks and its tough out there. Hope he pulls through.

    1. I gave money, as I too have enjoyed his scenes. Puerto Rico – both scenes, and then Murray! EPIC!!!

  3. He’s dumb for real for real. He’s has clout and looks good. Why not set up an onlyfans? He’ll get more money that way tbh then just asking people to donate.

  4. Not trying to funny when I say this, but to all the gay men who have money to throwaway on Onlyfans and various porn sites, how about you put that money to use by donating to causes and organizations that help gay and LGBT legislation local or nationwide. I see so many gay men bragging about signing up to this and that guy’s Onlyfans but seem to have no money for grassroot projects that help the LGBTQIA community. That’s my only contribution to this thread. Substance abuse is a YOU issue.

  5. A friend of Randy’s has said that he died of an overdose last night at the age of 33. It’s in the comments of Randy/Jason’s last instagram post (@randysc22). Sad he couldn’t conquer his addiction and mental illness issues.

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