Then & now on Caleb Mills aka Danny Parker

Caleb Mills was introduced early this year by Gay Hoopla where he had gay, bisexual (Bi Guys Fuck) and straight (Hot Guys Fuck) scenes released.

Then, he filmed for Breeder Bros (now back as Frat X) and Next Door Studios [gallery 01 & gallery 02] as Caleb Mills.

He is the latest update at Bait Buddies as Danny.


  1. Reg

    Good looking man, but with more horrific ink. And he smacks of being a Gay4Payer, so he’s not exactly an exciting prospect.

    Get no more tattoos, ideally remove the ones you’ve already got, the nipple studs aren’t doing anything for you and embrace being a gay porn star by not just being another Malik Delgaty and then try again.

  2. Dorian Lumeski

    He’s like 5 inches in a good day

  3. Magnus

    What has to be going through your head to have thought that that chest tattoo would be a good idea?

  4. Ted

    The chest hair is very hot! I’m glad he is changing up his look in that way.

  5. Gazzaq

    Like all of us he has put on some pounds and looks hot. Husband sized dick though yummy!

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