Kyle Ross has passed away

Kyle Ross only had scenes released at Helix Studios.

He got into a solo car accident over the weekend and died according to Helix Studios@KyleRossXXX has passed away as the result of a solo car accident this past weekend, no foul play is suspected.

His last tweet.


  1. Cherrystick

    My goodness. We’ve lost two Helix models within a matter of weeks. This is so disheartening and so sad. Rest in peace KR.

  2. Eric

    So tragic and so sad. Rest in peace Aaron.

  3. Gazzaq

    How Sad RIP Kyle R!

  4. Jktooo

    This is sad. He seemed normal, not substance abuse. I just watched a bunch of his tweet vids and he was so full of life. How sad.

  5. GenVeg

    The last couple public posts on his FB were him complaining about how he kept getting in trouble with the police for speeding in Florida, and how he rented a Corvette so he could enjoy it and drive fast. Sad death and that shouldn’t be downplayed, but hopefully he didn’t put anyone else at risk if he was driving recklessly.

  6. Bruiser

    Being reported he was sleeping in the Corvette and both Kyle and his little dog were killed. Horrific!

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