18 thoughts on “9 inches: Hanry OnlyJapa, Sumner of Sean Cody, and Charlie Cherry

  1. Hanry OnlyJapa and site FuckerMate are great. These thick dicked performers burst holes with their big cocks like TimTales. Look MEN (Mindgeek) how to use thick-tailed actors and shoot scenes with them, not like you do (with fake cum). These guys kiss and rimm like champions too!
    Jeramiah is good but Sean Cody’s site needs to be improved, they always have more shadows than lights in their content.
    I don’t have to say much about Charlie: good horny bi men with good gay scenes (also on his OF account).

  2. Hanry OnlyJapa has a nice fat cock and his hole needs stuffing!

    Bisexual Charlie C is always dull to me with in his performances aesthetically pleasing but that it, and needs to bottom so I am not a fan!

    Re the Sumner after watching this scene I was left feeling ‘yeah its ok nothing special’. Dont get me wrong, it had everything within it, hot guys, pretty decent action and fun and energy. But what stood out was its total lack intimacy, as it felt like a first fuck with a mate and both of you are holding back. Both of these models, appear to be a tad distracted within the scene.

    I wanted to see more kissing at least at the end as they lay on the bed as they chatted and throughout was waiting for them to exhibit more porn passion/chemistry, as both are easy on the eye. Jeremiah I have not seen before, so I was looking at him with fresh eyes and he is a nice looking bloke. Sumner is also ok and needs that fat muscle butt fucked soon as! However saying all that, this scene is a move in the right direction for Sean Cody!

  3. I have no idea why some people make Charlie Cherry’s bisexuality such a big deal- most of the performers in gay porn are bisexual/pansexual.
    Not only majority already identify as such and obviously enjoy being plowed in the ass, but also a big number of gay-for-payers who enjoy gay sex way to much and mess around with guys off camera as well as those gay id performers who say all the time how much they love fucking and eating pussy and want to do bi/straight scenes.

      1. Meaning of “make such a big deal” :
        exaggerate/play up something
        to knock/make big jokes
        risk/have a big mouth or
        have a big snout
        Now we all know who people does this things again and again…….

  4. re: SC – Sumner & Jeramiah
    This could’ve been a hot pairing because they look like they have a connection, but man, this scene is a huge disappointment for me. They don’t kiss. Neither one sucked dick. Jeramiah got fucked, which they think is enough to get eyeballs watching. Pity. It could’ve been a fantastic vid if they put a little more effort into it.

    1. I totally agree as it lack intimacy and Jeramiah although easy on the eye is playing ‘I’m straight and dont kiss as it too gay” or the producers want to keep up the hetero fantasy ‘straight men doing gay things’. Either way the scene was ok but was not the best!

  5. Charlie Cherry is boring as fuck. Learning that he’s a bisexual, something tells me he does more with women than he does with men cause from what I’ve seen, he comes off as a selfish top & he doesn’t suck dick and that alone is a major turn off. Just lame lame & lame but sadly guys like that shit so the vicious cycle of bullshit continues to spin.

    1. I don’t usually defend bi guys (because they’re so damn toxic and mostly gaybaiting), but I’ve seen Charlie suck cock and eat ass like a champ sometimes (on OF or also on Lucas Entertainment). And I’ve never heard or read him say anything derogatory about the gay scene (like Derek Kage or Cliff Jensen by they Twitter Accounts, just to name a few who did!). And that’s ist es doch what counts.

      1. You know what Charlie is easy on the eye but I think he is boring performer and needs to bottom, I will check out his OF or also on Lucas Entertainment scenes logogay as I an with NovoStarre having not having seen him doing this within his scenes.

      2. I don’t mind if a bi man is only top because he has a big cock, but rimms or give French kisses and occasionally sucks cocks. What I find rather lame are self-proclaimed bi guys who just give their ass (as a bottom) and aren’t able to get an erection themselves because they’re really just G4P doing their jobs. This is really far more boring and uninteresting than anything else. Of course, a bi man that does it all (top & bottom, rimms and sucks cocks) is the best we can expect from a “true” bi man.

      3. When has he sucked dick? I was looking through his films and i didn’t see him suck dick even once.

        1. Darling, you’re either acting stupid or naive or you really are. If you had seen Lucas Entertainment, Men at Play or his OF Scenes then you would know. So please stop accusing me of lies. That’s what I hate the most. This feigned ignorance from you but open your mouth wide open on all topics…..

          1. So, honestly, we all consume gay porn here, right? That’s what I’m expecting. If someone says they haven’t seen something or don’t know it, they’re lying! You can’t post scenes or pictures from these recordings to prove it. That’s Denz’s job! LOL
            I’m sorry that’s how I see it

          2. Me asking you that question wasn’t me calling you a liar, I just stated that i haven’t seen him do it from the films that i saw. I don’t subscribe to Lucas anymore & I don’t watch stuff on Men At Play so what I’ve seen on the free sites didn’t show any of that. You took it to a place you didn’t have to take it to & all that personal attacking is totally uncalled for, especially since i wasn’t trying to attack you.

  6. Hanry is versatile.at PeterFever. his hole is stuffed by Vitor Guedes and he is hard and seems to enjoy it being a bottom..they have an awesome kiss while Hanry is being stuffe

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