Second time: Upton Sterling, Matthew Sommer, and Radek Cerveny

The first time that Upton Sterling was barebacked by Kenzo Alvarez was at The Bro Network. His second time is up next at Falcon Studios.

The first time that Matthew Sommer was barebacked by Eric Lenn was at Bring Me A Boy. His scene with Eric was re-released for the second time via Southern Strokes.

The first time that Radek Cerveny was barebacked by Michal Renok was at William Higgins. His second time was at Belami Online as Pierce Harrington and Michal as Gene Allen.

4 thoughts on “Second time: Upton Sterling, Matthew Sommer, and Radek Cerveny

  1. Radek/Pierce (aka Victor Schumann, James Lewis, Jimmy Hunt, Mark Troy etc,) eats a monster load in here. Since he debuted at East Boys and Higgins in 2019 he has done over 100 videos and 50 movies, but rarely until now has be eaten cum. This is wonderful, because he’s adorable and really sexy.

  2. Kenzo Alvarez is as lame a fish as his Canadian straight buddies at MEN. He’s also never managed to create a decent gay porn scene that’s worth subscribing to. Shame on Falcon that they are now starting to buy these lame ducks for their content too. Quality standards are falling more and more in gay porn and good “old classic studios”…

  3. Whenever I see Matthew Sommer (aka Jan Nurad) I always think what a lucky devil he was to rim super macho hetero Oleg Hubert, the hottest guy ever at WH. A one time only for Oleg.

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