Tweet: Lane Rogers aka Blake Mitchell “Gay men are the most bothered about bisexuality. It seems to bother them that a man is not “gay enough”.”

27 thoughts on “Tweet: Lane Rogers aka Blake Mitchell “Gay men are the most bothered about bisexuality. It seems to bother them that a man is not “gay enough”.”

  1. Blonde is not a good look for Damien Kyle.

    The other Tweets were pretty pedestrian this week. Still, we appreciate you collecting them Denz.

  2. I skipped most of the tweets.. but I found interesting in some.

    Kane fox; he treated his own scenes as psychological torture meaning he hated it. That’s why, his performances were getting weaker and weaker. Because he probably didn’t evaluate himself enough through his recorded performances. Apparently, he seems also didn’t appreciate the works of others but that’s on him. Lmao

    Lane rogers; he’s the most bothered enough of those opinions to make a post. He basically lives in ‘two worlds’, he’ll never be enough to ‘both worlds’. He should already realize about it. 🤦‍♂️

    Jake waters; a ‘performative’ tweet to reassure their gay fans that they’re still going on with their pathological ‘lies’.

    Derek bolt; those rings are cute.. when it’s in one piece.

    Dislike the barbie movie, portraying men as weak and lame.. this movie proves Greta sure hated the patriarchy!

    Foot fetishes are good if they’re clean. Lol

  3. Gay men have gotten wise to bi men using them as sex objects while desiring relationships with women to enjoy heterosexual privilege. The gaslighting of the sexually fluid crowd is now rightfully backfiring.

    1. Let’s be honest here: they only have the balls to whine about how mean, bigoted and evil gay men are because women wouldn’t take any of their shit.

      This would only reduce their chances of hooking up with one from 5% to 0% and they know this little fact very well.

      On the other hand, with gay men they know they can be as stupid as possible, because unfortunately many gay men have little self-steem and will willingly accept being threated as a mere sloppy second to an straight relationship.

      That’s the sad and harsh reality of the situation.

      1. Right, but I believe there are a lot gay men who are secure in themselves that wouldn’t give these deceptive bi men the time of day. You won’t find them among the circle are gay men with no self-esteem.

      2. So many gay men wouldn’t give a shit about bisexual or “straight” guys if majority of gay men weren’t either effeminate or just plain unnattactive.

        Like name 5 HOMOSEXUAL gay porn actors who fit into that masculine, muscular jock/hunk desired by most gays… you can’t.

        In real life is even worse.

        1. Most masculine gay men are educated professionals with decent jobs, they aren’t doing porn. Gay porn is filled with closeted bisexual men pretenting to be straight to appease self-loathing gay and closeted bisexual men.

  4. Each week I am surprised at how speechless certain tweets leave me.
    I usually point out a few that make me comment on how crazy or self absorbed these guys are.
    This week, I just am left numb and amazed.
    I will just leave it lay here….

  5. We want the word ‘gay’ used accurately and not as a synonym for bi/queer
    We don’t want to be passive aggressively shamed for our sexuality and told ‘everyone is fluid’.
    We want spaces that are for gay men to enjoy, so we can date and enjoy our sexuality in a world where we don’t have too many places where we can do that.
    We don’t want women who developed gay porn fetishes in their teens years to tell us they’re ‘fellow gay men’ and to pressure infiltrate our spaces and expect sex from us.

    It’s not much to ask. The QT activists are increasingly anti-gay but try to be sly about it.

    The backlash is warranted.

  6. There are several countries where the straighties still kill people for same sex activities, pretty sure gay people are not the real problem for bi people.

  7. Lane Rogers is a pathological cheater, a teenage groomer, but all of a sudden he’s a victim of the supposed biphobia of gay men. Nobody plays the victim card better than these hypocritical bisexuals.

  8. Gay men are the ones most bothered by bi men? Oh, that’s a good one!

    Did he even know what straight and bi women think about bi men? I’m not even talking about promiscuity here, no no no!

    Many straight and bi women literally think of bi men as STD vectors to be avoided like the plague and sex pets with no morals or standards. They’re literally disgusted by you.

    And yes: as I put it above, this even includes bi women, funily enough.

    You’re going to lecture them now? No?! Yeah, thought so.

    1. Then why gay porn is second most viewed category by women? They love to see two hot guys sucking and fucking each other but they won’t date guys who also like being fucked?

      1. That’s not how statistics work.

        There’s a difference between “most women like gay porn” and “most of the few women who consume porn at all like gay porn”.

        Porn consumption is not a big thing amongst women, and even if it were, they liking or not liking gay porn as nothing to do with what they think of bi men.

        Many straight men like lesbian porn, but they still see actual lesbians with contempt.

        1. It depends- straight and bi men are turned on if the “lesbians” are actually bisexual or heteroflexible and wants to have a sex with him too and as long as both are physically hot- with nice ass, tits, face and body.
          If a lesbian is actually lesbian str8 men treat her like a dude and if she looks like a dyke a’ka Ellen they are equally repulsed as like by gay men.

  9. Gay men just want to be left alone and not branded as being “biphobic” when they don’t want to have sex with women. Or “transphobic” if they don’t want to have sex with MTF or FTM.

    I don’t think anyone quite realize how under attack plain and simply gay people are.

    1. This- trans men or women don’t turn me on AT ALL so now I am transphobic? So I am now in the same category as abusive father who beat his daughter and call her male pronouns until she will be “fixed”?

  10. 70% of gay pornstars in the last decade either identified or were actually bisexual. Why we only hear complains from one- Blake Mitchell which is suprising because I always thought he is gay- bisexual guys always reminiscent me of those NextDoor/Active Duty/Sean Cody/Corbin Fischer like Quentin Gainz, Harper, Josh, Beau, SC’s David who despite enjoying and dating women also loved to be fucked and sucking off other guys… Blake was too fem 4 me plus he only date men which is super rare for bi guy.

    Idk why bi guys are called half-closeted gays, they ahould be called straight guys who like cock and ass.

  11. Bruce Beckham: The only good thing about the possible implosion of Twitter is not having these half assed performers promote their shitty pages and these crappy studios promoting their shitty sites. There is an upside after all

    Cliff Jensen: That’s one creepy motherfucker. Ugh

    Max Konnor: I think he’s an absolutely horrible performer. One of the worst tops in gay porn & I’ve gotten into it with him because of how lacking his performance was in the past and it was so worth it. Even with all of that, I don’t wish him ill will and i hope he gets the help that he needs. One of the things I said to him when we had our back-and-forth was, do you really think that porn is the right place for you to be in considering all that you’ve gone through in your past & 5 years later it seems to be showing itself to him in some way shape & form. If he needs to leave the industry, I hope he does so for his own mental health.

    Kane Fox: If i did porn, I’d probably not watch my own stuff either. I don’t even like hearing my voice so i can only imagine what it’s like for those doing this and watching it back. Many need to because so many need to improve but i can understand how hard it can be. I respect that.

    Lane Rogers/Blake Mitchell: I have been a fan of Blake’s work but reading this was very disheartening. He is not a victim because he’s bi, we as gay people are finally tired of being used by bi men and we are finally speaking up and not taking their shit anymore. We are tired of these bi motherfuckers using us and then dumping us for women and trying to find ways to erase what they did for us. He thinks it’s insecurity of us not seeing him as “gay enough”, no we aren’t down with them using us. We are secure enough to see past bullshit now and thank God for that

    Jake Waters: I’m glad he has found love in Dillion Diaz but they are both some creepy motherfuckers too. Fucking bitches left and right is some weird kind of love if I’ve ever seen any.

    Chris Damned: He says he loves sucking cocks. Well if that’s the case then why doesn’t he suck cock that much when he tops? Why only do it when he bottoms and sometimes in a verse scene? He seems to eat ass more than suck dick. I would think that that kind of love should be shown in every scene he does. If that’s “love” then I don’t want it. Phony motherfucker.

    Derek Bolt: Nice rings

    1. This- I am aromantic bisexual who slighly lean towards women and most of the guys I had sex with were also bisexual- either heteromantic or biromantic who either liked both equally or lean more towards pussy.

      I do it for two reasons- the type of a guy I prefer- muscular and masculine jock in his 20’s or 30’s most of the time turns out to be either heteroflexible (just a bi guy who heavily lean into women) or bi who used to have a girlfriend and/or female hookups. And The other reason is that I don’t think hookups/dating between different sexualities is a good thing; majority of girls I fucked were also somehow bi/curious, some were straight and didn’t mind tho.

  12. I have also observed a phenomenon with you Mr. Lane Rogers aka Blake Mitchel. I used to like you because i really believed that you are bisexual and one of the people who are bi and are on the side of the gay community without prejudice and rants. You also had a long relationship with Leo Grand, a beautiful gay, but very naive young man. They took advantage of him and combined and abused him for their two sexual worlds. Until Leo saw the light and realized what a wrong person they are and dropped them. I’m also disappointed in you Mr. Rogers that you now have such a view of us gays. I am currently experiencing that many bisexuals and especially men who describe themselves as gay in gay porn or in public tend to complain about gays and force them to have sex with women or at least watch it because otherwise we are not tolerant enough towards it bi/queer/pan or fluid agendas would be. We don’t have the choice to live in two worlds of sexuality or love like bisexual people can do or mix everything together. We don’t want that either. We are as good as we are. And when you portray gay people like that, I wonder what you themselves still want from gays or what more gay films you are produced, Mr. “Shitshit” Mitchel!

  13. If they have to constantly prove and show how happy they are with each other in such a pro-aggressive way, then most people already know that something is wrong or that there is wrong with a relationship. Most of this time it’s the beginning of the end and suddenly, unexpectedly, the breakup is there, usually with a lot of drama. I’ve got time and I can wait for Jack and Dillon’s house of cards to collapse. Maybe at some point Dillon will pregnant one of the woman he keeps fucking and then everything will take care of itself. Poor Jack, because you can’t get pregnant. lol

  14. What strikes me as a phenomenon with bi men or gay guys who want to be “open-minded” is that they try to get gays to fuck or look at cunts because otherwise they would be labeled as intolerant or boring in their sexuality. Can I say the same. Remember what they say about gays, Mr. Rogers aka Blake Mitchel. Everyone sees it from a different angle. Why are you still doing gay scenes or dealing with gay if you can’t stand what gays think? Gays don’t have the choice to play in or mix up both worlds of sexuality like bisexuals do. We are good the way we are. Lane Rogers has also been in a relationship with Leo Grand, a beautiful gay but naive young man. Until he noticed that he was only being used by Lane and used and abused as a pawn for his bisexuality. The truth always hurts, Mr. Lane Rogers.

  15. Ah Denz thanks for the weekly roundup. I skip most of it to be fair and jeez mate, you really have to shift through a load of dross.

    Not fan of Max but his comments touch me as it working in the industry is clearly a lonely soulless experiences, and he is getting older so he need to develop other interests away for the industry.

    Derek’s wedding ring is lovely 😊

    Bloody Hell ThyleXXX that’s some picture man, and your certainly open for buiness damn!!!

    Nick C no surprise what do you expect in that country to welcome with open arms for goodness sake, and you do work in Gay Porn? Seriously mate do me a favour.🙄

    I like Logan and Kam both just getting in the industry and having fun together! 😀

    Have a good week Denz and all!

  16. Blake m/lane rogers can take his coca cola bottom bottle glasses and shove it. Hes an ugly human and iglier when he opens his mouth/voices his opinion.

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