20 thoughts on “Axl Black Organic, Kam Stone, and Dillon Diaz

  1. No dick, amputated tits, testosterone abuse, and probably missing internal organs…the level of mental illness to do that to yourself is extreme.

    The men who are into this also aren’t quite right in the head and are encouraging women and girls to butcher themselves for their bizarre sexual desires, a story as old as time in many ways.

    It’s grotesque on every level.

    1. If they want to do that to themselves, I couldn’t give less of a shit: it’s their body, so they can do whatever thay want with it. What I do have a problem though is with studios and deluded people trying to push PiV sex as gay, this is stretching credibility.

      That’s is nothing more than gaslighting in my book.

    2. Okay I get you may not like the physical look of a trans man but it was not that long ago 1973 being a gay man stopped being considered a mental disorder in the United States, to put it into context the same year the movie The Exorcist was top of the box office.

  2. Axl Black Organic has a big cock but too many tattoos, it’s more a matter of guy taste.
    Now Next Door is also jumping on the Real Life Boyfriends bandwagon. Can the relationship survive?
    If we look at the well-known, now-married Dillon and Jack, there doesn’t seem to be much going on with the gay couple (LOL) other than constantly fucking their pussies, or at least having them constantly. Hypocritical, boring and saying a lot…

    1. For dillon and jack, I wonder what would be their reason now if we called them out again?! It seems their so called ‘relationship’ is just a ‘performative’ one. #fitness #relationship lol

      1. I think it was like that from the beginning. It’s more of a “business relationship”. LOL
        Before he met Dillon, Jack only ever clearly presented himself as gay. When he met his “pussy fucking” husband he became a “fish lover” too. Of course, they attack anyone who says it or portrays it like that, even though it really was like that. And now they refer to it as “Work.”
        Who believes it……

        1. One day, they will be eaten by their own ‘hypocrisy’.. btw, that’s why I didn’t like to see a gay man who is in a relationship with a bisexual man and doing an ‘open relationship’. Because I know where this would be going?!! In the end, a bisexual man will trying to convert his partner (a gay man) to satisfy his lust for women. I already saw that happened to my close friend and some cases which happened to the pornstars including this one.

          1. I’ll just say one thing: If love is blind and you would do anything for the person you supposedly love, no matter what, you’re mostly lost.

          2. A interesting thing about this is that the few women who go for bi men are pretty strict in their relationship policy, so any bullshit like this would probably result in the relationship ending immediately.

            But no: the problem is that many gay men have low self-esteem, and so feel the need to do anything, even abandoning their own standards and boundaries, in order to keep a clearly sinking ship afloat for some extra minutes.

  3. Well, for a gay couple, Dillon Diaz and Jake Waters fuck a lot of pussies! It seems the gay sex in this relationship (?) is so bad they need to fuck pussies to add some sauce. I totally agree with Logogay: “hypocritical, boring and saying a lot …”. I especially agree with the word “hypocritical”. Like, extremely.

    1. They’re going for the good old tactic of being “sexual charmelons” in order to clout chase and follow porn trends.

      This is a well known tactic on some porn circles, so it’s expected.

      We need to remember that, in this industry, being considered “close minded” is seen as worse than being an actual murderer or sex pest.

      If you don’t worship the kitty, MG is going to blackmail you and your fellow “gay” performers aren’t going to have the balls to speak on your defense, hell, they might even join the mob as well and unperson you.

  4. Why mostly guys with big aren’t attractive in porn? Are they been hire just because of their big dick and not include their look too?

  5. Have we become so inundated and jaded by gay porn that we now seek-out freaks with face tattoos to get any kind of dopamine hit? Gay porn has become way too trashy. Men with really off-putting face ink and men with vaginas. It’s not difficult to believe that the gay community is the freak show that the MAGAs claim. If you find yourself needing the kind of people you’d find on a circus bus to get turned-on, maybe take a week or two off from porn to detox.

  6. So interesting how we view sex/sexuality and violence. Without going into some long rant, read the comments here and the comments in the posting before this one.

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