2nd time as the bottom: the 6′ or 6’2″ Jacob Lord

Last May, Fucker Mate and Kristen Bjorn introduced Jacob Lord in the same week.

At Fucker Mate, Jacob now has three scenes as the top.

At Kristen Bjorn, one of his three scenes had him in a flip fuck with Zeb Hadid.

If you prefer him as the bottom, he is the latest bottom at Tim Tales, with the owner of the site as his top.


  1. McM.

    Jacob Lord is so damn hot! I love that he’s versatile.

  2. JR

    What a god forsaken christening to the world of Tim Tales. Your first scene being fucked by the doughy robotic no passion whatsoever Tim. Cruel.

  3. logogay

    Jacob Lord is a horny, hairy, versatile “gay porn” performer who “only” makes good gay videos. A rarity in the gay porn business at the moment.

  4. Camille

    Jacob resembles Sir Peter. I was shocked thinking Sir Peter bottomed. Moreover, what a delicious thing is Jacob Lord

    • J-Man

      Sir Peter has bottomed several times.

      • JR

        Camille knows absolutely everything about absolutely nothing.

        • Camille

          It was a faux pas like normally everyone can make. Don’t be dramatic about it.

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