Upcoming: Dylan Tides, Military Classified, DeAngelo Jackson, and Dante Colle

Dylan Tides will soon be introduced. He filmed for Carnal Plus (their sister site, Bareback Plus) and Sean Cody.

Military Classified will soon update the design of their website.


DeAngelo Jackson filmed a threesome with real-life husbands Dillon Diaz and Jake Waters for Noir Male. This will be the fourth scene that has the couple in a scene on the site.

Dante Colle, with his second gay scene for the year, is up next at The Bro Network, with Allen King as his bottom.

17 thoughts on “Upcoming: Dylan Tides, Military Classified, DeAngelo Jackson, and Dante Colle

  1. Allen King still giving the “I’m in so much pain I’ve never been fucked before” expression. His acting is about as good as his singing.

      1. No, just look like he is enjoying it rather than looking like he is being torn apart. We all know that’s not true.

  2. All these guys just feel lame to me.

    And Dante Colle looks like he’s in the “faking it” phase of his career

    1. Dante had this “faking it” phase long before he reached his goal of only fucking cunts and becoming a straight porn star. First he had a bi phase, then a fluid phase, then a pan phase.
      Such performers change their mind or performance as often as the wind blows in the right direction.
      Only with the truth, such actors never take it so seriously.

  3. It really seems that no one can do regular gay porn anymore.. it’s all been replaced with collabs and drop shoots, G4P, ect…

  4. Dillon, Jake, D’Angelo and Dante give me such cringe vibes. They’re all boring and their scenes do absolutely nothing for me. It’s just so sad that gay porn still entertains these type of men nowadays. You know it’s sad when the only thing stimulating in this post is a new design for a website.

  5. Dante Colle returns to “gay business” after a long time in pussyland, where he built a “straight porn star career”, to show us gays how straight he actually is, with his boring G4P scenes or to prove that he has his “gay” financiers who has built his porn career didn’t forget, lol. What a Loser.
    Ditto for the “Couple of the Year” Dillon and Jack. Millitary Classified: a website doesn’t get better with a new design, but with new content with new performers, LOL.
    At the moment it’s really just shit in gay porn with all these gay baiters/G4P/queer/bi/fluid types which really pisses you off as a gay man and gay porn consumer!

  6. Let me guess: the military classified update conveniently drops listing the “declassified” and “original release” dates from the main page so that it won’t be so obvious how much old recycled content there is.

  7. Dylan Tides: I’d like to be excited about this but he’ll probably be just another lame performer who won’t do enough in a scene, especially working at Sean Cody

    MilitaryClassified: It’s a shit site no matter what they do to it.

    DeAngelo Jackson: He is so gorgeous and so boring and lame all at once and I’m sure this scene with him, Jake Waters & Dillion Diaz will be trash because probably he won’t do as much as the other 2 will, like he probably won’t suck dick. Trash him with his other co-stars.

    Dante Colle: I want to be excited about him because he gives his all in a scene and it looks like there will be more of the same hotness with this new film but the fact that he is more involved with pussy and dealing with everyone else but us makes this a turnoff.

    We need performers who will love the entire male body, no matter what their sexual position is, on screen and off screen. We need performers who won’t see us as throwaways but see us as assets and something to treasure. Wishful thinking but a man can dream right? Sigh

    1. Very simple. Focus on the gay side of Dante instead of caring what he does in other scenarios. He is a sex worker and fucking pussies is also part of his income 💁🏽‍♂️

  8. Re : Dante….. I’m in the minority because I actually like his work. And he has been very transparent from the beginning. He’s always said before corbin fisher, he never even thought about hooking up with a guy. Let me repeat that: He never thought about about hooking up with a guy. But when presented with the opportunity at CF he thought it would be a new experience. As far as his performance, I think hes an excellent performer in a lot of his scenes hes done. What people dont necessarily realize is most performers cant fuck til they cum, even most str8 performers. Theres always the fucker (in Str8 porn the guy, and in gay/bi/trans the top) where he fucks til it appears hes gonna cum but u will c an edit cut away cuz they cant cum right away from fucking much less release their loads internal in their partner. W Colle i have seen him either fuck, pull, cum right away or even send an internal cumshot to his scene partner (str8 scene, gay/bi scene or trans scene) I genuinely think he enjoys sex PERIOD but leans str8 cuz that was what he was before learning how to be w guys and trans in porn.

    1. As far as his bi/pan-sexuality imo he earned to be but realizes b4 porn he was str8 in his mind. I HATE when guys claim to be “bi” (reese rideout, blake mitchell, derek kage, kane fox, etc etc) and it appeaers there being nothing more than social justice warriors virtue signaling about how wonderful and “open mimded” they r. That sickens me. In Reese Rs case he told str8 PS nathan bronson on nathans youtube show if he got more str8 work je would basicallt ditch tje gay work. Fuck these guys like this. Blake m said it was the “gays” who had the trouble w bisexuality. No most of us dont…IF ITS GENUiNE. But its idiots like him and Reese that make us despise those making the “claim” of “bisexual” when its not genuine its social justice acceptance nonsense.

    2. But that’s exactly what he did. It may be that he said what you are saying at the very beginning. But then he kept changing his mind and song to the gays in gay porn blogs, interviews, podcasts. Just like many others straight’s are doing right now. I mean gay porn is quite a dishonest and fraudulent business. It always has been. The bad thing is that a lot of people believe what these actors tell them. That doesn’t make it any better, and gay porn still has the bad reputation it used to have.
      You’re defending him now while you’re picking on Blake Mitchel aka Lane Rogers and all the others, even though Dante was or is like that. Just because you’re a fan of him. Your statements don’t make any sense. It is your right to like him and thereby be in the minority, as you say, but to defend his behavior, action or deed while sending others to hell who do or have done the same thing is wrong. Dante is exactly like these others…..

  9. I don’t understand why Dante Colle still films gay porn? Dante only fans is all straight or occasional bisexual scene. He did a
    video with Dillion Diaz and Aspen but of course he isn’t the bottom. He sucks cock in a few bisexual videos on his only fans. He doesn’t bottom anymore. Why not just complete the cross over?

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