Tweet: Drew Dixon “I escort, I will turn down clients, work & money if they want chemsex.”

21 thoughts on “Tweet: Drew Dixon “I escort, I will turn down clients, work & money if they want chemsex.”

  1. TeganZayne become an ex gay anti-porn homophobic, born-again Christian weirdo knowing good and well that the Christian religion sexually exploited children every day I gave it a few years. He will come right back, saying that he is gay once again.

    1. Meh. He’s having a moment. It’s deep denial. He can run, hide, lie and live out of reality. It’s not changing anything. Though, nice segue into a point I’d like to make. He’s ranting all about legalized sex slavery and so on. Bitch! It’s a choice. No one put a gun to his head. Anyway. My issue is with the solicitation of gay men from G4P baiters.. You see it everywhere. It’s become an industry in and of itself. It doesn’t matter if it’s studio porn, OF, twitter, or YouTube. Young, attractive guys ambiguously flaunting themselves and inexplicably leading gay men to believe they are of our ilk. I fucking hate this more than words can express. Guys like that should be exposed to the fullest extent.

    2. Gotta be honest, I do feel sad for him. He seems like he got abused in the past, and it seems like he’s being abused right now.

  2. Aside from Tegan Zayne and Sage Roux getting flushed away, the rest of the collection was an interesting read. Thanks Denz!!

  3. Shout out for Diesel, my man. 👍

    Btw, the reason why Hayden posted tweet like that because of his previous post before these posts. He’s being attacked from a gay porn star for a simple quote ‘And?’ for quoting another post about ‘trans women are banned from the Miss Universe pageant’ or something like that. Lol. Imagine being a realist about yourself and everything around you and people got mad of you for not taking a side with their idealist lies.

    Oh, I guess the star of this week probably went to Rocco Steel.. lmao! I wonder why his post wasn’t included in this collection.

        1. The fact that you still call transwomen as men is very telling. By the way, Miss Italy organization banned all people not born female. This includes post-op trans women.
          But re: allowing trans women to compete on beauty pageants

          It says a lot if cis women are afraid to compete with trans women in a contest which they should have all the advantage in. It’s a beauty contest, ferchrissakes! It’s supposed to celebrate femininity and female empowerment, do they think trans women would have an unfair advantage?

  4. Reese rideout wants out of gay sex scenes. He admits in his youtube nathan bronson cooking show if he gets more straight work he will ditch the gay stuff. The guys a fkn jackass pos. And his wife must be a pos to schedule his work for him. These ppl have zero conscioius or morals.

        1. I see no difference, as he still acts exacly like a g4p, as do many bi men currently in the industry, unfortunately.

      1. I’m not surprised, nor do I care, to be honest.

        At least he never publicly self-id as gay, nor went on a giant passive-aggressive tirade about how PiV is totes gay and how evil we are fpr pointing this isn’t the case or whatever.

        I believe people like Michael Boston and Leander are way more in due of criticism in this regard then he’ll ever be.

  5. Drew Dixon has a history of substance abuse? What a shock. Name a gay porn performer who doesn’t at this point.

  6. EDDIE PATRICK – Looking Good !
    William Higgins – What a STUPID IDEA. Every scene where the model is in a costume or face blocked is a Bad scene.
    Nano, Tegan, Lucy, Reece, Sage, Nobody cares, Nobody is listening.
    Boomer – Wow, this ugly asshole really thinks a lot of himself doesn’t he?
    Cliff Jensen – All that should tell you something….. It Is OVER Dude. Move On. Denny’s awaits.
    Theo Brady – Yes, that is a good look !

  7. And here we are again. New week, new headlines.
    Eddie Patrick is hot and horny with a good body and a fat cock. His videos are gay and good.
    Dear Malik, it’s possible that your hetero bro’s account was hacked, but he hasn’t commented on it himself to date and it’s possible that others have written about it, but the ideas are the same. Just like you. I don’t even want to know what you guys really think about gays, you and your Canadian G4P friends. Probably worse than anything else we’ve had to read about us so far.
    William Higgins, Blurring men’s faces just so more of them dare to go in front of the camera to do G4P porn is a very bad solution. Although when I see the solos from studios like Gayhoopla (LOL), CF, Chaos Men, Next Door, Naked Sword, Cocky Boys and and and….. maybe more new actors will come back to shoot.
    Cliff Jensen, Drew Dixon, Tegan Zayne, Reese Rideout, Henrick Sommer: as always, very sad caricatures of people. Sage Roux : Congratulations. Even straight men need love and happiness. Thanks for telling your bi friends outthere that. Gays have zero interest in you.
    And Theo doesn’t look good. Kind of sick or depressed. Maybe the inner struggle with yourself? Pussy or cock or both? A pity

  8. William Higgins don’t do it I really detest headless/faceless et al performer it lazy and lacking and you might as well used sex doll!

    Tegan ah bless he needs to come back to Gay Porn as he was a pretty decent performer.

    Good for Drew he a good performer.😀

    Ah bless Leo a year older and all that talent, his scene with Austin Wilde is a standout for me!

    Its good to hear that Trent is doing ok as lots of these guys get lost in the gay porn world if they are not careful.

    I love that comment that Jonah made lol 😂

    Boomer Banks what he wrote touch me, as who can remember what one did 20 years ago as time fly’s by so quickly so it best to enjoy every day as it comes I say ! 😯

    Jeez Henrik looks bloody rough don’t he?😮

    Thanks Denz for the round up. I know I moaned a few weeks ago about the content of the weekly round ups, but I really enjoyed this week updates.

    Have great week Cheers

  9. My point w this is STOP SUPPORTING THIS JACKASS, PLEASE unsubscribe his OF. Dont buy his studio scenes! Starve him out ! Fk him. He doesnt like u. And if this blog can watch the video w nathan bronson i think it will take a hit on this jackass

  10. Cliff Jensen giving me the lolz complaining about how little money he makes for his “work”. You want to say sex work is real work? Here’s how it works. We all have to pay taxes, if you have an agent to get you any kind of work you have to pay them. I have to commute to work and pay for my own gas. It’s called having a job. Deal with it.

    Drew Dixon wouldn’t turn any client down. He has to make as money as possible to pay for those wigs.

    Henrik Sommer- get some help.

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