Pegged in a train fuck: Drake Von, Aria Valencia, and Alpha Wolfe

A Why Not Bi scene is the latest update at Men that had Drake Von bareback Aria Valencia while Aria pegged Alpha Wolfe.

24 thoughts on “Pegged in a train fuck: Drake Von, Aria Valencia, and Alpha Wolfe

    1. Irony at the highest level and a slap in the face for every gay man out there. Disrespectful and proof of how homophobic this agenda is behind MEN and customers who subscribe and watch.

  1. These straight owners with their Qeeren/Bi/Fluid/Pan fantasies staged scenes just don’t want to stop at MEN. I know the women have to be paid on your “gay” site, but what gay man wants to watch that when you keep claiming to be the biggest gay porn site on the net and supposedly only have gay porn videos with hot naked men. lol
    The biggest irony is that they try to stage it that way (with pegging or the woman licking the man’s ass) so that gays can tolerate it more easily and the pictures here appear as if only the men were mainly having sex with each other. Then when the poor subscribers pay for gay sex on this site, they get a lesson in straight sex where the woman’s cunt is licked and she’s constantly fucked one by one by both men. It is clear that this is not shown on promo pictures. It’s also a gay porn site. LOL LOL
    As for the cast, one straight boy plays the tall adult bi man with a bored expression (Drake), while the other man is a crossover star who’s also straight and only has sex with men for money (Alpha). Total letdown for gay customers at MEN.

    1. Expecting anything even mediocre from at this point is a hard sell nowadays.

      The hacks at MG trying to catfish gay costumers into thinking this is gay porn is pretty disgusting though and something which would never fly at their straight porn sites, you know, the ones they actually give a shit about.

      1. Both are “only” bisexual when it comes to money or do gaybaiting when it comes to attention to their private videos on their private account, otherwise they are strictly straight.
        I don’t respect them, for they disrespecting gays and engaging in internalized homophobia.
        There have always been straight men in gay porn who know what they are do, they are called G4P!

          1. We have actually.

            There are several posts on this very blog which proves this, just so you know… or are you going to play devil’s advocate for people like Davin Strong, Collin Simpson, Ricky Larkin and their ilk?

            1. No, he play devil’s advocate for all Queer/Bi/Pan/Fluid or whatever people and their agenda to dictate to us gays or especially in gay porn what we have to like or accept. Like most performers who do this crap and then spit poison and bile on social media at us gays along with people like him how bad and intolerant we gays are and how pathetically boring in our sexuality. No, this is delusional.

      2. There’s zero difference between g4ps and most bisexuals in the industry currently.

        They both whine about their gay audience on a daily basis, go on and on how much they hate gay sex and prefer women while delivering shit scenes on shit studios and even side with hardcore homophobes from time to time.

        Again: zero difference.

        1. This is a very overeacting reply. I don’t see any problem on bisexuality in life or in porn. is what it is (maybe they want to embrace other markets in one website) even if I agree that MEN is not focusing on its basic roots, I disagree on criticizing the actors or models. They have the right to work with whoever they want unless it is illegal or unethical.

          1. If that’s the case, then it’s an idiotic decision.

            Why risk alienating their core gay audience in order to promote content that already bombed in the past?

            Just so people can remember: the current WNB is a relaunch of the site, which previously had to go off source due to continuously poor financial performance.

            Most people simply aren’t interested in bi content, that’s the harsh truth of the situation, and plasting this shite all over a site meant to cater to gay men isn’t going to change this basic reality.

        2. We all know who this person is and that his answers and views here consistently identify himself as not gay (and probably not even a man) and thus this person cannot identify himself as a traitor to his own people. It is precisely this small percentage of people that these straight owners of studios like this are targeting in order to keep selling it to us gays and most importantly as the best gay porn on the net.

      1. We have standards, you know.

        Even though some straight men might disagree, pegging is not gay sex.

        Why use a strap-on when actual dicks exist?

        Scratch that, why even publish this garbage on a gay porn site to begin with?

  2. I just can β€˜t
    β€˜figure out why a good looking kid like Drake Von would even let that ugly alpha asshole suck his cock let alone stick it that nasty ass of his. I think that is worse than fucking that nasty fish. I guess money will
    make you do anything. So sad. But if gay men no longer want to do gay porn what can we do? We are all just fucked!

    1. But I wouldn’t call everyone ugly or nasty just because they lie to us and humiliate us gays all. I’m just a person who doesn’t find anyone ugly, no matter how big is this Loser actually are in this world. One should have so much decency.

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