X: Baxxx “A man that prioritizes his own pleasure over the health and safety of his partner is not a “good guy” what the fuck.”

Reese Rideout “Unboxing of my new Porn Star Action figure from @Shrunk3d Leave a comment on what you think and if you would want one?”


  1. AndThenTheresMaude

    Colby Jansen apparently is piss poor in picking “pornstar friends”. He considers Jaxton Wheeler to be one of his best friends, along with Pierce Paris and a few other sketchy folks. The term “guilty by association” comes to mind, so this tweet/rant of his is a non starter in my book.

    Unfortunately tho, I do have to agree with Ricky about one thing:
    Colby is not looking good these days 🫤

  2. baz

    While I’m meh on Colby Jansen, anything that inconveniemces that skidmark Ricky Larkin is okay in my book.

    Reese Rideout, is the doll going to set up a dick lengthening GFM too?

    Chlamydia Cliff never stops seeing himself as being higher up on the moral high horse than everyone else, does he?

    Not a fan of Xavier Zane, but his message is valid.

    • Reg

      I LOVE that you called him “Chlamydia Cliff”! I hope that sticks. Well, either that or “Cliff the Clap”.

  3. JR

    Cliff Jensen really does think he is some kind of self help guru, with his “profound” posts. He checks out
    one self help website and suddenly he is Oprah? GTFO.
    Tanner Reed- the fact that you would admit you let self absorbed narcissist Kayden Gray anywhere near you, doesn’t say much about you decision making skills, but a lot about your love for being humiliated in public.
    Jesus, this obsession with the winners (ie those who pay to win) at the Grabbys is laughable. Dipshit Derek Kage performer of the year? Gimme a break. And best newcomer tie between Jordan Star (who has been around for years) and despised Dom King who is the porn equivalent of Jim Carey with his bizarre facial expressions, and will be lucky to be working this time next year. Pair of clowns.

    • baz

      Wait, Kayden Gray is a hot mess too?

      • JR

        Oh god yes. Overdramatic, self absorbed, narcissist and egomaniac. When he made the dramatic announcement in 2017 that he was HIV+, he seemed to think he was some kind of fountain of knowledge and “an inspiration to so many” used his sob story for attention. Vile.

  4. tig68

    Lukas Draken if you think of yourself as a girl then have the operation. There’s no need to have a cock if you are going to put that chastity on and call yourself a girl.

  5. Nick

    BAXX: Absolutely right. Very lucid thought.
    Grabby Awards: I believe in some results (Dom King, Jordan Starr). But I distrust others. It sounds like fake awards to promote specific studios.
    COLBY JANSEN: He should have learned his lesson about Ricky Larkin. He is a toxic creature. Colby acted like a fool.
    DIESEL WASHINGTON: Said without fear what everybody thinks.

  6. logogay

    And once again an insightful beginning of the week with the same G4P/Straight actors who can only whine and complain and insult. These “guys” don’t have anything else on them! No matter if Cliff, Colby, Reese, Lukas, Baxxx, it is always astonishing that the same (EXgay) porn actors always write the same thing: namely only negative and lying, hypocritical or criminal!
    My God, when will these gay porn studios or gays finally learn to REALLY break away from such fake rats? Sad it’s always the same.
    But of course what I find most hypocritical of all is the so-called “Gay” Porn Awards for performers who are not actually gay (Derek) and are rewarded for the fact that they also attract their gay fans or the gay community on their social networks defame and insult! Shame on you all! Thank you Denz for this Week.

    • Bsg67

      I miss the time before social media when porn stars had mystery and I knew zero about them or their life ,beliefs and politics

  7. Bsg67

    Colby Jansen at the end of his rant when a user posts a response says he still likes Larkin but can’t deal with his drama ….WTF then why go on about it.
    As for the rest disappointingly average and then Cliff doing Cliff which I think is what he really wants in life …Cliff

  8. NovaStar

    Colby Jansen/Ricky Larsen – they’re both creeps & no one needs to pay Colby for the hot mess of a website name for even $1. They need to go back into obscurity where they belong

    Cliff Jensen – I’m not a fan but what he was was the truth. Ungrateful people don’t deserve to have good people in their life and Karma needs to come and ransack their house.

    Lukas Daken – you are not a girl & take that god damn chasity bullshit off of your dick

    Baxxx – i hate that this happened to him. It’s clear that he’s still has some issues to deal with over this cause he’s still apologizing to the guy who practically raped him. That dude needs to go to jail. And this is another reason why so much gay porn is so awful. It doesn’t look like both parties are excited & interested in each other and the film suffers because of that. OF/JFF just keeps this nonsense rolling and that’s why the quality is garbage & we the viewer suffers the most.

    Xavier Zane – I’m not shocked by any of what he said. White people running Black website will never do right by us (I’m a black man) so that explains why the sex is so shitty on that Blacks On Boys site. It’s comes from the fantasies of how White men see us and it’s very stereotypical and gross. I’m looking forward to a black gay porn site that respects us black men and doesn’t have tops & bottoms as being one-dimensional and having them enjoying every part of the man’s body, especially the tops. Same for the versatile guys and them not falling into “strict” roles when they top or bottom. Might be a pipe dream but I’ll keep on dreaming.

    Diesel Washington – telling the truth as usual for the umpteenth time & I’m here for it every time

  9. MOP User

    The site is called “Blacks on Boys”, which is a racist and dehumanising name, and he even acknowledges it is a studio based on sexual stereotypes about black men. Why would he shoot for them and expect people there to value him? Some people need self-respect.

    • NovaStar

      Say that again for the folks in the back

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