From Darin to Darin Rodwell and now Darrin Silvers

From Dec of 2008 to February of 2009, his scenes as Darin at Corbin Fisher were released, as a top and a bottom.

Darin_solo_corbinfisher_01 Darin_solo_corbinfisher_02
Darin_solo_corbinfisher_03 Darin_solo_corbinfisher_04

Early 2010, he used the name Darin Rodwell for his scene at Cocky Boys.

Darin_solo_cockyboys_01 Darin_solo_cockyboys_02

Late in 2010, using the name Darin and with a new tattoo on his upper right arm, his movie Layover – Los Angeles was released by Falcon Studios where he had 2 scenes. 

Darin_solo_falconstudios Darin_solo_falconstudios_02
Darin_solo_falconstudios_03 Darin_solo_falconstudios_04

This 2012, he is now using the name Darrin Silvers for his scenes at Gay Room.

  • Gay Creeps

  Darrin_silvers_gaycreeps_01 Darrin_silvers_gaycreeps_0b

  • Massage Bait

Darrin_silvers_massage_01 Darrin_silvers_massage_02
Darrin_silvers_massage_03 Darrin_silvers_massage_04
Darrin_silvers_massage_05 Darrin_silvers_massage_06

  • Damn That’s Big



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