9 thoughts on “Libor Bores is Debt Dandy #46

  1. Not sure what the point is of showing guys that wear the same clothes shoot after shoot? Is this some American shame thing? Europeans tend to be mor frugal about clothes and often wear the same clothes month after month. Jeez, we all don’t have the luxury of being Beyoncé . Let’s move on to the next inane topic. Thanks.

  2. Thanks DENZ,,for the sharp-eye in Chris’s same shirt at different sites….as equal to seeing many of Sean Cody’s models wearing the same beach shorts which obviously belongs to SC….but thank goodness the COCKS are different. LOL!!
    Have A Nice upcoming Weekend!!

  3. Like a majority of these Czech porn performers he is more likely to be “buysexual” than anything else. Porn as a percentage of the Czech economy is huge.

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