You can tell this is his first time being filmed

The latest scene released by Chaos Men is the pair up of the Malik, who sports a 10-inch cock, and Amador, who sports an 8.5-inch cock.




Owner of Chaos Men still believes Amador is still new to gay porn “Malik knew he could handle Amador, but I was not so sure how Amador would do. Even though he has stripped for guys in clubs, he seems quiet and reserved. You can tell this is his first time being filmed. He has a ‘down low’ vibe going.

We all know by now that Amador used the name Jacob Lucha & other gay porn names back in 2012.


Chaos Men did mention in Amador’s solo the Amador has a girlfriend but why describe him in his latest scene as straight acting? “Malik seemed to enjoy the fact he was getting sucked by such a straight acting guy


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