Gay scenes only for these 4 Corbin Fisher guys introduced in 2017

Last year, Corbin Fisher introduced 49 guys. If my count was correct, 9 guys only did a solo. They were Noah, Logan, Rob, Eli, Isaiah, Clark, Emmett, Bryson & Griffin. 37 guys returned to film a str8 and/or a bisexual scene and out of the 37, 9 guys (Xavier, Beau, Zachary, Evan, Dave, Warren, Troy, Wesley, & Conrad) went on to film a gay scene. And, of the 49 guys, only 4 guys did gay scenes exclusively.





Is there a change of direction this 2018 for Corbin Fisher? The first 2 guys (Kai aka Lucas Leon and Elian) introduced this year, so far, had only gay scenes released.


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