Michael Boston “I’m Gay”

There was a discussion over Michael Boston about his sexuality on this post that a fan asked Michael on his fan site at 4my.fans if he was gay.

According to Michael, he is gay. The bisexual scene he filmed for Why Not Bi did not include him touching the girl. And, the one he did for his fan site was with a trans man.

His latest scene was released yesterday by Men in a threesome with Damien White & Colby Melvin.

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  1. Michael Boston is most likely gay the guy is a bit effeminate. But does having sex with a trans man mean you aren’t gay? I find trans men sexually attractive but I have never had sex with a trans man. I admit I am probably curious about it but don’t think I can fuck a FTM in real life.

    1. I think you’re contradicting yourself here: if you really find FtMs attractive, then why would you never fuck one?

      It’s almost like your brain is telling you something here!

    2. Finding female is quite precisely the antithesis of being gay let alone when said female look like a prepubescent teenage girl, a pixie cut and hormones dont make a man and michael is bisexual . Just like you these bisexual men in porn believe being gay is about stereotypes (being feminine, acting or dressing a certain way,..) like its something you acquire which is deeply insulting cus its like saying you can become any ethnicity by adopting what you perceive as their language, accent and stereotypes. When the sole and only hallmark of being gay is an exclusive sexual and romantic attraction to the same sex as yours, either you are born and are gay or you’re not.

    3. Cody Seiya also fucked a FTM. It’s en vogue to film with FTM if you’re a popular gay OF creator.

      1. It’s pretty telling that all of these mostly bottom guys go full top when they perform with FtMs, it’s kind of interesting really.

        Another thing that’s also pretty interesting is how these FtMs (who supposedly have been always gay men trapped in a female body) always go for PiV sex, not anal.

        Again, it’s pretty telling isn’t it?!

        I wouldn’t be surprised at all if there isn’t some conversion therapy fetishes going on here, not at all.

        1. Telling? Telling how ffs!? You really don’t have a clue what you are talking about yet you spout your bs here anyhow. Just from observing a view ftm and cis bottoms who you then cherry picked from to get your “telling” conclusion, you’ve decided it’s all a conversion therapy fetish without an ounce of evidence towards that!? Dude just stop! How about it’s gay men thinking another gay(trans) man is hot enough to make him want to fuck them and accepting of their having a pussy. Maybe there is some inner intrigue, but my God, jumping to conversion therapy fetish is just ignorant. SMDH

          1. So the resident Aiden of the blog has arrived!

            I already said this to you several times, but here we go again: vaginal intercourse is not gay sex nor ever will be, just accept reality.

            The performer who are doing FtM scenes are either bisexual in denial, sex addicted or pathetic trend chasers who want social media asspats.

            Once transgender identity gets out of fashion (which will happen sooner than later considering the excellent job Lia Thomas is doing in this regard), these fucks wil just bury their prissy fucking under the rug and pretend it never happened or even create sob stories about being “forced” to do it.

            Mark my words.

          2. You’re deluded. You’ve decided to play the “crazy game”. This is precisely why I abandoned my wokester friends in favor of sensible people who can decipher up from down. Totally and utterly complicit and separated from reality.

  2. Mark my words: he’ll be on a straight scene at any second now.

    It’s a self-fulfilling profecy at this point: “gay” pornstar goes and makes an announcement on social media about how gay he is, only to adventure into prissy seconds later…

    Oh wait! He already did it, so never mind!

    1. Huh? WTF are you even talking about? Both he and his identical twin brother are gay and they’ve been pretty vocal about that.

      1. And…?

        We already seen this before: “gay” pornstars who are very obnoxious about enunciating their sexuality only to go straight later.

        The word of most of these pornstars means nothing, as they’re known to lie about this, specially today as people are getting more vocal about g4ps and the presence of non-gay men on gay porn.

        1. “We already seen this before: “gay” pornstars who are very obnoxious about enunciating their sexuality only to go straight later.”

          Give us several examples then. Who “went straight” ???

          1. Let’s see: Trent King, Drew Dixxon, Riley Mitchel, Carter Woods, Francois Sagat, Arad Winwin, Rocco Steele and so on, and on, and on…

            Do I need to continue?!

            1. Trent King is married to a man fellow Canadian Beau Reed. Trent did ONE video why not bi most of the video he had sex with Michael del ray. Also it you watch the video closely you do NOT see a close up of Trent fucking the fat woman in the video. I don’t he fucked her at all. He hasn’t done a bi video since. Also so what? Trent has a huge black cock would love to see him fuck some tight white pussy.

    2. He already did with that underage starving looking anne heche look alike, michael is bisexual and like most bi guys in gay porn they think they are gay cus they fit the straight manmade gay stereotypes. Misguided homophobic fools smh

  3. I will happily respect a FTM as a man and a MTF as a woman, but I would personally never have sex with neither. I’m not physically attracted to women, or vaginas. I don’t want to look at a partner and see a woman, no matter if she had a penis. And I don’t want to look at a vagina and CERTAINLY don’t want to enter one.

    The irony is that I find straight guys the ones to swing for Trans. It’s why so many can go on a holiday to Thailand, have sex with ladyboys and see them as outwardly beautiful and always made-up women, ignoring the cock.

    I’m the first to admit that some FTM men are handsome…but the second you see their genitals? No, not for me and I don’t believe a gay man, even being paid, can perform cunnilingus or have vaginal sex. It’s not a “front hole” and so many rebrand it. It’s a vagina and that means you can’t call yourself gay.

    Straight guys…as long as someone looks like a woman, or has a cunt, then fine…but the rules for gay men are a double-standard and rightly so.

    Straight guys can be gay4pay, but there really is no such thing as straight4pay and ANY gay man who tries to say otherwise, is very damaging for the rights men had to fight for to be able to publicly identify as gay without a prison sentence.

    Say nothing, Michael Boston. It’s not choice not to be able to call yourself gay.

    1. Exactly and its deeply offensive to see people masquerade as us and cheapen what we literally get targeted for being gay, this is a plain ol bi guy and every thing he does proves it. Im glad people are not falling for it. 🙂

  4. I’m reminded of Dennis Miller’s (I know) comment back when Jim J. Bullock announced he was gay: “Uh, thanks for connecting those dots, babe. You can consider those tea leaves read.”

  5. What in the Drew Dixon??? I’ll get to that in a minute.

    Actions speak louder than words. You engaged in vaginal sex. To gay men that means that you are anything but 100% homosexual. On the bisexual spectrum, maybe? Pansexual, maybe? Homosexual.. nope. You may prefer biological men more…. If you are attracted to women or trans individuals then excellent. That’s good but calling yourself gay?? You’re gonna be questioned.

    If you have multiple gays asking you questions about why you did any sort of scene other than gay sex that’s because the community is starting to smell bullshit. Remember Michael was the one that wanted to hide his trans scene on OF. Usually Micheal and Noahway love preomoting their sex scenes on their social media. This scene however, nothing but crickets. That shit was quiet as a mouse. That’s because he wanted to keep it hidden. It took his ex OF followers to do some digging and expose the scene for him to finally address things. When he did he had to have his twin brother come in and help him do some damage control which was very unsuccessful.

    As for this bisexual scene, most gays are not gonna care about the fact that you didn’t touch the female or have any sort of penetrative sex with the female. You engaged in entertaining and promoting bisexuality yet you’re a homosexual. Your name is slated on a bi porn site. You set there and masturbated watching her being penetrated. You shared the penis with her and believe me there were some things that was crossed over if you catch my drift.

    I mentioned Drew Dixon for a reason. This is the same man who tweeted on a regular basis how much he loved being gay and how much he loves homosexuality. How he loves men and that he would never engage having sex with a woman. He did all these interviews and even had a piece highlighted on a site about how hard it was for him to come out of the closet because he was so flamboyant.

    He later shoots a few trans scenes. Then the tweets started to subside about his gayness and all of a sudden he started re-tweeting working with a notoriously homophobic Director. Next thing you know he’s engaging in three scenes two of which are str8 sex scenes where he’s having oral/vaginal sex with women. He then went on to say it was the highlight of his career and his best project so far. Not the gay work he’s done. It the str8 sex that’s the highlight of his career. Real homo right? He even alienated some of his gay following who asked questions about the film and why he would do such a project and work with such troubling people.

    Now Michael hasn’t taken that route so far but he’s correlated with the same actions. Your fan base are homosexual men so you cannot get upset if one of them or a majority of them have some questions about your actions and the things that you’re producing and saying.

    1. Thank goodness Drew Dixon is obnoxious as hell. It makes it so much easier to scratch him off the proverbial list. I never cared for him much to begin with and now reading this, it’s signed, sealed and delivered for me. You really do your research. I guess from here on out, I need to come to you for the latest scoops. As for Michael Boston…. He was always in that neutral zone for me. Meaning, I couldn’t care less one way or another. His ass was his only redeeming quality.

    2. Actually michael blocks anybody who brings his straight scenes up and or even ask him his sexual orientation, which if every other thing werent already telling us he is not gay this would be suspicious. The guy is bisexual point blank period.

      1. Exactly. Childish ass behavior. As if him just saying he’s on the bi spectrum is the wrong thing. Be honest to your followers. Yes you’ll loose some but at least it’ll give honesty. Blocking your gay fans because they’re trying to decide whether or not to support your ass is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen. Oh well. Wasn’t a huge fan of his after a while because it was all one note but as of the past six months or more, I’m definitely done.

  6. Michael Boston & Drew Dixon are SEX WORKERS I don’t understand why anyone is surprised they might fuck women. Dakota Payne very effeminate fucked a woman on biphoria website. Jake Waters is dating Dillion Diaz they both fuck women on biphoria. People need to understand sex work is WORK. This is their job they go where the money is.

    1. I’m not buying into this bogus narrative. And I’ll tell you why. Johnny Sins, Rocco Siffredi, and James Deen are also sex workers. Do you see them having sex with men on camera? Hell no. They don’t do it, because they are straight and they are repulsed by men sexually. The only reason a perceived “gay” man would have sex with someone of the opposite sex would be, attraction. Plain and simple. There are no ifs ands or buts about it. My only issue is the inaccurate representation and terminology. The word “gay” has been so diluted and redefined that it no longer holds any meaning.

      1. The same with Charles Dera. I know a LOT of people circulate the rumours that he’s a gay4pay escort in Vegas, but he’s never had sex with a guy on screen and given his aggressive straightness and toxic masculinity…I don’t think it’s a case of the lady doth protest too much and he just refuses to do it.

        There’s always a choice and you can be any kind of sex worker. These guys aren’t on the bones of their arse and have absolutely no other choice than to have sex with men. They could do straight porn, cam modelling, strip, stock shelves in a supermarket, but they make a choice.

      2. Exactly and furthermore if any of them were to do that they would never blame their audience for not liking the content they dont follow them for (angel rivera, brock banks,…) or try ro convince anybody that they are straight because they love straight stuff, bisexual men in gay porn are so diluted and self centered its not even funny!! Only the gay male audience is guit tripped and blamed for not liking straight content from bisexual or straight men who rose to any kind of notoriety thru gay porn. Th et dont respect their audience, they dont respect gay men.

    2. I do not see how being effeminate or dating a man means they are gay and not bisexual. If you wanna school people you gotta understand what you’re talking about first, otherwise you do not get to pontificate us over our very valid and natural anger towards him perpetuating the very thing that harms us.

    3. Being a sex worker doesn’t mean that you’ll fuck anything that’ll have a hole. That’s exactly what sex workers try their best to combat. These men have a choice. They’re not starving for attention or sex. They’re doing these scenes because they want to and they act is if the pushback is surprising and they become defensive.

  7. Ms.Boston is the classic example of a gay man shamed of his feminine side. It’s what they all do, they deflect and start filming with non bio men almost to prove how very “not gay looking” they are. We’ve seen that plenty of times over the last few years, maybe we should start to acknowledge that most gay men aren’t as masculine as they think they are and that is totally okay. WHo knows, maybe then all this asinine shit will stop.

    1. The biggest danger is the Logan McCree effect. A self-proclaimed out and proud gay man, who starts having sex and dating women, then “converts” and becomes an anti-gay proponent. He’s still campaigning in Scotland to basically have gay people exterminated.

      It’s mental illness, in my book.

      1. Oop I forgot about his crazy ass. He must’ve attended the same self hating school that has Rocco Reed in its alumni and who recently gave a scholarship to Kyle Connors. What a big ass disappointment from Kyle and his anti-gay, anti-pride, homophobic, right-wing political, Roe overturn supporting, anti-gun control, religious nutcase having ass.

        Hating homosexuality and calling us sinful people one day but was slurping dicks, eating cum out of his ass and begging Roman Todd to “fuck, spit and cum in his pussy” yesterday.

    2. You are literally inventing stereotypes while perpetuating them (calling a man ms to demean him), michael is a textbook delusional bisexual man who try to cling to the semblance of idea of being a gay because he wants to seem gay because for him gay means (straight manmade) stereotypes like wearing certain stuff or moving a certain way which neither of those things make a gay men but you know what does exclusive same sex attraction which he clearly does not possess so no michael boston is not gay.
      Plenty of gay men are masculine and we can’t quantify that exactly bc gay men dont look alike or are monolith in their looks or ideas because like any other groups we are individuals and claiming the opposite is inherently dehumanizing.

  8. It’s unimportant to me what a gay porn model’s sexual orientation is. What’s important to me: do I find him physically and sexually attractive and do his performances on screen turn me on.

    1. Well its important to consciously consume if you support a homophobic pos like him you are helping him rise to more fame which unjustifiably give what he does and the ideas it perpetuates more credence and spotlight, he is bi anyway but that doesnt matter to you lol

      1. If you think Michael Boston is homophobic there must be a screw loose in your head. lol.

      2. Come on Michael Boston isn’t homophobic he has a gay twin brother. Maybe Michael is bisexual but so what? Sexuality is a spectrum. Remember porn is a JOB for these male models. Men make less money than women in porn. Also men in gay porn face a lot or stigma from straight side. We should be celebrating men like Michael Boston or Wesley Woods. Wesley is gay I think he has done a couple of bisexual scenes before he retired from porn.

        1. Now wait. I’m not gonna say Michael is homophobic. Homosexual, no.. homophobic, no. In fact, he’s very homo friendly and he does engage in same sex activity. Calling him a bisexual doesn’t mean he’s homophobic.

          On that same note, celebrate Wesley Woods and him…. HELL NAW, TO THE NAW NAW NAW.

          That whole not making as much money is also not an excuse. Str8 male models make slim pickings compared to both their female and gay counterparts but we see countless amounts of them become porn superstars. Often times, over performing in the financial outcome than the others. These two (Boston and Woods) aren’t starving for sure.

          Wesley not only did a few bisexual scenes, he was screwing women left and right all day long. Not only that, he got called out for his periodical poor comments about gay men and sex. He did exactly like Michael and blocked and deleted any criticism or questioning about his female interactions. Then he started that I’m gay, no I’m pan, no I’m gay flip flop crap.

          The nail in the coffin for him was Donte Thicc calling him on his bullshit a few months back when he commented on Donte’s homophobic rant. Donte ended up telling all of Wesley’s str8 frolicking including a recent rendezvous in Vegas where Wesley was supposed to film with him and instead ended up just screwing multiple females with him all night long. No bisexual sex, pure str8 sex. Afterwards Wesley’s bluff was called and he picked up his bags and two stepped out the scene, deleted Twitter and has been ghosted since.

          So excuse us if we decided to pop the balloons and return gifts for that celebration.

  9. Shit… people really think this stuff (the actual porn) is real?

    Michael seems to make it pretty obvious he is gay off the set. Just because he’s having sex with a woman on set doesn’t make him less gay. If a straight guy can do it (have sex purely for the money), so can a gay guy.

      1. We know porn is a fantasy and we know it’s not real but we also know that porn and sex work speaks volumes. Porn and sex work are much more mainstream then even five to ten years ago. So it’s a public knowledge.

        Furthermore, many people and I mean many people have despised or hated G4P and still do to this day. It’s an alienation of homosexuality and so is S4P.

        We’ve consistently have to battle naysayers all the time about homosexuality being false. You can turn us or that it’s just a phase. This shit is just some ammunition in that rhetoric. “Look at that gay guy, he’s playing with women, he’s penetrating vagina. Told you they can be turned out.” See how cringe that sounds?! It’s dangerous and if you think those people aren’t paying attention, they are.

        And let’s be clear, there really isn’t a such thing as 4P. If you’re “str8” and fucking anything besides women, you’re not str8. If you’re “gay” and fucking anything besides men, you’re not gay. Those individuals are purely on the bisexual spectrum and they should rep that to the fullest. Bisexuality exists so represent.

        1. Let me be clear, there is such a thing as 4P. A 100% gay man can have sex with a woman and a 100% straight man can have sex with a man. Sometimes societal pressure is the motivator. Other times $ is the motivator.

        2. I agree models have a choice to appear in gay porn. But it is a job. They want money Pierce Paris has a baby and a girlfriend or wife. You do have a point plenty of male models are bisexual. I know people on here don’t like Bo Sinn but I think he is bisexual too. He is a jerk but that man clearly has sex with other men off camera. Bo Sinn said Bromo paid him 5k or something like that to bottom on camera.

  10. Michael Boston is bisexual and continues to lie about it. Nobody who fucks that FTM named ‘Noah’ is 100% gay. It’s basically a girl with short hair.

    You’re dumb if you don’t get it yet.

      1. Zip it, you are the same addicted moron that bitches about gay4pay people on every porn blog out there, you’re just as tragic.

    1. And the funniest thing of all is that or little Noah friend is a very clear example of autoandrophile and complete unlikable person.

      But wait, there’s more: they’re also a complete and total liar.

      Noah claims to have genital dysphoria, but is still is pretty comfortable with having vaginal intercourse and there’s fools to (metaphorically and quite literally) eat it up.

          1. The truth isn’t bigotry. I’m not part of your gender cult. Keep your religious beliefs to yourself.

            1. Pretending your bigotry is truth is like Trump pretending he won the 2020 election. I have no religious beliefs. All religions are primitive mythological human creations just like most of your nasty opinions.

              1. You have a religion, but the difference between you and the fundies is that at least they are honest enough to admit it.

                “nasty opinions” lol

                You speak like a child, but then again, this isn’t surprising at all as the infantilization of grown ass adults is pretty common on woke circles.

              2. A belief in ‘gender spirits’ in the wrong body is a religious belief. A gay man cannot be born into a female body. There is no science to support that and it’s logically incoherent. In fact, the concept didn’t exist until a few years ago when a bunch of gay porn fetishizing straight girls decided to invent it.

                It’s a superstitious religious belief that encourages predation on gay men. Nothing more. I won’t play along with lies like that.

    2. I was thinking the same thing. Noahwaybabes doesn’t even look like a male. Quite feminine, actually. I never even assumed they wanted to live as a man until I did a bit of researching. Not convincing and if Michael as an alleged “gay” male can still have penetrative vaginal sex with them, then he is NOT straight. And to “NoMoGay4Pay” below… Get serious! Don’t spit in my face and tell me it’s raining. You’re absurd.

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