Canelo Ment is one of the handful of guys at Gay Hoopla who filmed for Bi Guys Fuck and Hot Guys Fuck.

He got married to a woman last year.

If you miss him, he just made his presence felt on Twitter after a year.

13 thoughts on “If you miss Canelo Ment

  1. I’ve always loved him. Did he get married already, really? Was that the reason for the break?

    1. Did he marry a man or a woman? And really married, or was he just one of these guys who said “husband” or “wife”, but they were really just dating?

          1. I mean dude, technically they all are gay for pay (If this is the angle). No one is filming this stuff for free. I mean, you think if he married a man he’d be offering Gayhoopla a special discount?

  2. I used to love Canelo Ment. That ass! He reminded me of a lot of Owen Michaels but more enthusiastic (except for Owen’s scenes with Dennis West and Gabriel D’Alessandro). If he returns to the industry I hope it’s elsewhere than GH. None of their models gave Canelo the pounding he deserved and clearly wanted.

    1. Speaking of the Owen & Dennis scene, does anyone know why removed it from their site? I noticed that maybe 6 months to a year ago but forgot about it until now. I just checked and not only is the scene gone but Dennis West’s profile too. Vanished like it and he never happened. Was there some kind of D West scandal I was unaware of? Any Intel on this?

      1. For anyone curious I found out Dennis West was arrested and subsequently released. Not sure what he did but he has to register as a sex offender. I didn’t know what happened but I knew it had to be substantial for to remove anything with his name from profile to scenes.

  3. His face truly resembles that of multi champion boxer Canelo Alvarez. They are both hot. Looking at him getting fucked never failed to make me horny.

    1. And also the noise he makes when he’s anally stimulated, hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I was just sad he stopped filming so quickly.

    2. he does look so much like canelo alvarez….and they are both handsome men…that is why I loved his scenes

  4. Well, he’s a good enough looking guy, but if he’s gay, then I wish he hadn’t done straight sex on that awful website. Actually, the the main website is just as awful, so I wish he’d made porn any other way. You just can’t gauge as to whether or not any content he makes will be good…it might all just be solos or straight sex, or if he is really married, then sex with his wife?

  5. A truly great bi performer: looks amazing, has great interaction with all his partners, sure can take dick and post-nut oral checking/pipe cleaning thing he does is just muwaah!
    The one and only reason I briefly subscribed to GH.

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