Sean Cody now with storylines

The latest scene at Sean Cody had Liam & JC as boyfriends with Lan as the buff neighbor.

After Liam's boyfriend JC leaves for the day, he notices their tall, buff neighbor Lan pumping iron in his window, and flirts until Lan comes over. Liam gets to let his hands and his mouth roam over the stud's massive, muscular chest, then sucks Lan's cock and rides him on the couch. "Oh, give it to me. You're so fucking big!" Liam moans. Lan sucks the bottom's dick, then rubs their hard-ons together as they sensually kiss, teasing Liam's hole before sliding inside in missionary. Liam moans even louder as Lan fucks him doggystyle, then begs for the top's cum on his face as he jacks himself off till he orgasms.

This coming Friday at Sean Cody, it’s JC’s turn with the buff neighbor that ended in a threesome.

When Liam heads out to the grocery store, it's JC's turn to admire their buff neighbor Lan through the window as he oils up his muscular arms and broad chest. Soon, Lan's making his second visit next door, this time to kiss handsome JC who sucks his cock on on the couch, then rides him. The bottom puts a leg up on the sideboard as Lan pounds him doggystyle, and the guys are fucking on the couch when Liam gets home! \"Hi, babe, I'm back,\" he announces, eagerly stripping down to join in and fuck his boyfriend as JC sucks the muscular neighbor. Then JC sucks his man's cock and gets plowed by Lan in missionary before Lan cums on Liam's face as the boyfriends 69. JC takes a facial from Liam as he orgasms too.

One thought on “Sean Cody now with storylines

  1. Oh great, they’re becoming MEN and Bromo. No surprise since they’re owned by them, but I guess this means there’ll start being women in the scenarios and terrible sex scenes.

    The only good thing Sean Cody had going for it, was that the guys just went for it. No silly storylines, just fucking…and now that’s gone.

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