Rod’s Room is the latest site from the owners of Next Door Studios.

The site says it is all about curious gay men and real gay sex stories.

Dakota Payne & Beau Butler “Do you know how hard it was to film Dakota Payne topping Beau Butler without interfering? These guys had some of the best sex you’ll ever see.

Brandon Anderson & Roman Todd “Nothing gets me harder than watching Brandon Anderson and Roman Todd undress each other… and then flip-fuck wildly. Hope you enjoy this steamy scene.

Ty Santana, Michael Boston “When I saw Michael Boston and Ty Santana in these robes I was in heaven. When they finally got out of them? Well… you’ll have to see how great it was yourself.

6 thoughts on “Rod’s Room

  1. Wouldn’t advise joining if you already have an NDS or other gamma subscription. Bonus scenes from Rod’s Room will show on NDS in a few months. Then maybe we’ll get the usual offer to bundle the site into our existing membership.

    1. Not to mention you can’t tell how many videos are currently on the site or how often they update.

  2. How many times are we going to have to see the same boring ass men fuck each other? These guys aren’t bringing anything new to the table. It’s the same wave of sex and porn. If we see Michael Boston throw his ass up in the air one more time. Roman and Jayden are going to do the same boring top work and strokes. Gay porn needs new direction, new faces and something innovative and worthy of attention and I’m sorry but this isn’t going to work.

    1. Jayden would be one of the best tops if he fucked men like he does with women and trans women.

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