8 thoughts on “Andy Onassis (tip @ John)

  1. Kristen Bjorn’s fucked up photo editor strikes again! Fire that guy and go back to images like the first/left photo.

    1. It’s not photo edition… He did a lot of cosmetic treatment/surgery here in Brazil. It’s a goddam one called harmonização facial (maybe facial rejuvenation in English, I’m not sure). So sad! I prefer him before it.

          1. Not gonna change anything for a while. He got fillers and that augmented his jaw. His forehead is also full of botox and that’s why it looks so smooth and somewhat stretched. Depending on what he used it can take from 1 to 4 years after the fillers wear off. Though he doesn’t look bad, it sure looks different from his normal appearance.

      1. He’s stated that he’s primarily a bottom. I like him best when he flips.

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