Malik Delgaty, Cayden Clay, President Oaks, Phoenix Ocean & Ty Roderick

Malik Delgaty with Clark Reid as his latest bottom at Men.

Cayden Clay, aka Cayden Solano (Solane), with his first bisexual scene at Why Not Bi as the top to Laura Foz and as the bottom to Nate Rose.

President Oaks is back at Mormon Boyz, now known as Missionary Boys, with Dakota Lovell as his bottom.

Phoenix Ocean (Phoenix of Sean Cody) with his first scene at Next Door Studios as the latest bottom for Kyle Wyncrest.

Ty Roderick with his third scene at Peter Fever as the top to Zed Sheng.

13 thoughts on “Malik Delgaty, Cayden Clay, President Oaks, Phoenix Ocean & Ty Roderick

  1. A mixed bag:
    Malik Delgaty 👎🏼
    Cayden Clay 👎🏼
    President Oaks 👍🏼
    Phoenix Ocean 👎🏼
    Ty Roderick 👍🏼

  2. Why to scenes all feel like a cash-strapped high school play? And since when are fake cum shots acceptable in porn? All three of these performers should be amazing, but it’s all ruined by bad directing and production decisions by Men. If there’s got to be dialogue and acting, make it decent. Otherwise, keep it brief and get to the fucking.

  3. Ty was a great bottom. Hope he does return to bottoming too.

    Delgaty. Hopefully his bottoming wasn’t a one off

  4. I need hot and affective sex♥️♥️♥️
    Porn is becoming a frustration 😩😩😩

  5. None of the above. These demonstrate why OF is so successful. No awful plots or directors there, just guys left to their own imaginations and desires. I often think that the best porn is like 2 guys come home from their first date, hop into bed and do what comes naturally.

  6. Glad to see President Oaks has returned. This is one man that is very handsome but, he still needs to bottom which would be HOT! But if he doesn’t so be it. He would still be a very good looking man, just wish President Nelson would come back as well.

  7. OMFG! Oaks rimming Dakota is a MUST see! Its so FKN hot! On the other hand I luv watching my fave tops rin their subjects! I think he has a fetish for the bump in between the rectum hole and the ball sack! He keeps sucking and licking it! Damn HOT!

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