Manny Diaz, Baconator & Mike Martinez

Sent by Jeffrey “I was wondering if there was any information on the performer who goes by the name Manny Diaz. Manny did one scene with Bait Buddies with co-star Zach Alexander. Since that scene, I have not seen any more videos with Manny and was wondering if he went under a different stage name? Any info would be appreciated.”

Sent by nekszus “I’m confused. Two databases according to Silas Brooks is Baconator. And and old post in Str8upgayporn Silas is confirmed he is Baconator!!!”

Drake Von as Bacontor: “Idk, they call me that too”. And did he film for Sketchy Sex and Fraternity X: “Yessir”.

Silas Brooks as Bacontor (via SUGP) “I’m Baconator. He’s Drake.”

UPDATE Confirmed: Silas Brooks is Baconator of Sketchy Sex, and his twin, Drake Von, is the one at Frat X

From Henry “I came across someone on LPSG claiming that porn star Mike Martinez, whom Men of Porn wrote about, had passed away in 2021. I really liked him and was wondering if you could confirm it or maybe find more info about his untimely passing. Here’s the original thread:

[movies of Mike Martinez]

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  1. when i first heard of silas and drake, they were known as the baconator twins. so it’s still very confusing.

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