Bruised face: Aiden Garcia “If you ever want anyone to put their hands on you hit up @SethPetersonXXX”

Aiden Garcia shared a photo of his bruised face on Twitter.

According to Aiden, Seth Peterson hit him.

And it wasn’t the first time.

No reason was given by Aiden. Seth has not tweeted about the incident.

Both guys work for Helix Studios.

* Aiden was first known in 2015 as Legend at Latin Boyz.

13 thoughts on “Bruised face: Aiden Garcia “If you ever want anyone to put their hands on you hit up @SethPetersonXXX”

  1. If this is true, then Seth needs to be arrested ASAP & Helix needs to fire him immediately. I pray Aiden get the help & healing that he needs.

    Helix is a hot mess right now, my God.

    1. Why would you say Helix is a hot mess? Did someone from Helix management beat up Andres? From what he said, it was his boyfriend Seth (or ex-boyfriend as I thought they had broken up). Categorizing this as a Helix mess is unfair.

      Perhaps we should learn what happened before firing anyone but if it is proven to be the case that Seth Peterson beat the crap out of Aiden Garcia, then hell ya, not only should he be fired from Helix but Phoenix police should arrest him for assault & battery.

  2. ‘No reason was given by Aiden’. ???
    Would be better if we have the context in the first place? For me, I need to hear the story from both sides… not just one.

    1. I’ve never heard of either one of these guys, but if Seth Peterson is smart (I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt), he will stay off social media and keep quiet. There’s no way a public squabble will help him, regardless of what actually happened.

  3. So one thing is certain: there is violence in every relationship. Whether in heteros, in the LGBT, or in families or with friends.
    And no matter what happened, also if we know the whole history, the other person is also a tyrant or brute, one thing is certain: violence is never a solution or a reason. That must now be clarified by the law. Of course everyone can add their opinion to this story. But I don’t think that’s appropriate.

    1. There is not violence in many “every relationship.” There’s not even violence in most relationships. If that’s the norm for you, remove yourself.

      1. It’s not the norm for me. It’s not a norm for anyone. If you live in an “ideal” world in which you have not yet had your own experiences or know someone who has had this experience, then that’s nice for you. But please stop insinuating on other people.

        1. They’re taking exception to your wording, saying “there is violence in every relationship.” If you meant to say “there could be violence in any relationship” then that’s different. But the way you wrote your first post, you can’t fault them for having an issue with it.

  4. Domestic Violence is on the rise in society, and if this is the case within this relationship, then Aiden Garcia needs to report Seth Peterson to the relevant authority’s and consider seriously leaving this abusive relationship.

    I note that this is occurring regularly within a high number of the men who work within the Gay Porn Industry (not sure if its the same in the Straight Porn Industry) or maybe because we seem to hear more and more stories and reports of this within social media.

    Whatever the case, these guys need professional help to reduce their abuse and to help the victim of their continued abuse. A sad reflection of society!

  5. Without any explanation of what happened, he just looks like someone who gets into a fights and then loses.

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