Tweet: Scott Finn “I’m getting married!!!!!”

With over 100+ scenes released since 2016, Scott Finn was introduced by Active Duty, and he is currently an exclusive of Next Door Studios.

He just told his followers that he is getting married.

His wife to be seems to know of his adult work.


  1. Gazzaq

    Who the hell cares and why are these individual Heterosexual lives paraded in front of our faces all the time. Yes we get they are straight but this constant adulation and reverence of them on here and other blogs and in the gay social media is so bloody annoying. I long the days where these people just turned up, fucked on camera then fucked back there boring hetereo or whatever lives they had!

    • KillTheKarma

      Lol he is Bi at least, he is rock hard most of the time he bottom/top plus cums like a GAYzer. Just lol at anyone who believe straight men have gay sex for world to see.

      • Lightroom

        He’s never hid his sexuality. Pretty sure he’s always said he’s bi.

    • Lightroom

      He’s never hid his sexuality. Pretty sure he’s always said he’s bi.

    • Jay M. Thibeault

      Gaz!! Many of us love his scenes and have for years. Obviously he loves gay sex but as is the case with all “gay for pay “ performers, we know cock will always be part of his life. She does too. Who cares?

  2. Meh

    He is bisexual and cum dump so that’s completly understandable. Still ridiculous that he called one co-star fa#got because he was effeminate and didn’t like fem guys.

    Wonder what happened to his buddies Quentin Gainz and Princeton Price… they were bi too so I guess they look rough and with some frau looking for a dick on a side.

    • Yesh

      Miss Quentin was such cute and cockhungry bottom and genuinely nice being while Miss Princeton was also cute but full of herself.

      • C.A.

        Ah Racist Trump supporting Quentin.

        • Meh

          He had a thing for latino guys so highly doubt he was racist.
          On the other hand he was whore of ND’s owner so you can’t be that sane either lol.

  3. Sauron

    I always wondered what those women are thinking when they get a boyfriend that sucked more dicks than they ever seen…they must be either bi themselves, turned on by this(like many straight men wish they gf was bi so regular MFF) or the guy is so good looking that they can close an eye

  4. Fact

    Still I think bi guys are far better than gay4payers ( I mean literal g4p not bi guys who say they are straight because it will help their image and keep delusion less delusional).

  5. Pavel Ford

    He was usually into the gay sex. He was somewhat attractive. But, he got overexposed quick. I have seen him fuck, suck, kiss, get fucked all with guys….He usually was hard as hell the whole time but went soft just after coming. So, I don’t think it was dick drugs keeping him hard. There have been many guys come and go after spending years having sex with guys, claim they are straight. I have a lot of straight friends. NONE of them could get hard for just money. Scott Finn is like many who are Bi at the very least. The guys who leave gay porn and OD or get arrested for some violence are usually “running from something” and in denial, using dope to escape for a bit. Its sad. But, I wish Mr. Finn all the best.

  6. logogay

    So first of all I have to say that I am not surprised at all by this or such news in general. I mean he says he’s bi. He at least did his “work” on camera that he was paid to do and he did it well because he really did everything on camera (kissing, rimming, bareback fucking / himself get fucked, cum in mouth and so onand on). What do we actually want then? As long as he’s not homophobic, derogatory, ranting about the gay community online, or becoming an LGBT opponent like Sergeant Miles, then it doesn’t matter if he gets married. Do we all seriously think that one of these Bi / G4P guys would say in public he loves man, he marries a man or stands by it? I’ve never heard that before from a Bi Man. That’s also what I say all the time and why I’m so critical of these Bi / G4P men. Finally, open all your eyes. I bet Derek Kage is next. After his “queer” career, he will also later announce that he is privately with a woman. Remember my words! Otherwise, I wish Scott Finn all the best, health and that he behaves respectfully towards the gay community.

    • KillTheKarma

      No but Bi man will say that men give better blowjob than women, butthole is tighter than pussy and enjoy sex with both. Most bisexual men are not romantically/emotionally attracted to other men they only want to have sex with them or jerk off thinking about MM or MMF sex.

      Plus Sergeant Miles despite being a cunt is indeed bi.

      • logogay

        What you say might be true. But as for Sergeant Miles, I don’t think he is or was bi. He only made money as a G4P performer because he could. If he could now, he would immediately side with those sick people who are now against the whole LGBT community and to destroy us! That didn’t work out for him when the Capitol was stormed and he now (I hope) ends up in jail for it a long time.

        • Sauron

          Idk… Sergeant Miles was very adamant about being bisexual and I never heard him say “I am straight”, also common sense would suggest that there are far more bisexual guys than straight ones in gay porn- they are almost always as “butchy” in behaviour and appearance yet they don’t have problem with performing sex, cumming etc.

          • logogay

            There’s a world of difference between “being”, or just “it”, they are and allowing it.

  7. This

    I don’t care if you have girlfriend, I don’t care if you like fucking and eating pussy, I don’t care if you screw women off camera, as Long as you are hot and also like men and dick, I am good.

    Bisexual is not gay-for-pay. (Even tho a lot of self id straight gay pornstars are bi but afraid to admit it).

  8. Sauron

    With that beard he looks like Quentin Gainz but without Frankenstein forehead.

  9. Dorian Lumeski

    I give them 3 months.

  10. Cherrystick

    I truly mean this…. Why in the hell do we care about him getting married? Especially to a female?

    No one cares about this at all.

    • Cherrystick

      For clarification, we’re gay men. We don’t want to see our gay porn stars and they’re bisexual or str8 escapades. Good for him in his personal life but this isn’t something that’s gonna make me want to see him any longer or be even more of a fan. To me now, I’m no longer intrigued by him.

    • Gazzaq

      Thank you Cherrystick I totally agree a nd this is my feelings on this matter, as I am bloody fed up of hearing about them being celebrated for getting married, and all of the positive affirmations that are shower on these individual on here especially.

      And mostly because he can maintain hard on when he performs seriously word fail me!

      Nah enough already hearing these individuals!

  11. Bruiser

    What a “lucky” gal.

  12. NovaStar

    This is gross as fuck. Where are the gay men in gay porn anymore? This is yet another example of why gay porn is dying right before our eyes.

    This is one slow and long ass death.

    • Meh

      Bisexual(especially those who lean more toward women sexually and only date opposite gender)and heterosexual men outnumber homosexual men plus a lot of gay men are effeminate and don’t have many masculine traits, that’s why you see so many of those bi and g4p guys on sites like NextDoor, ActiveDuty, Corbin Fischer.

      Its the same in lesbian porn- most girls in lesbian porn are bisexual or lesbian-4-pay because majority of lesbians are not feminine and since its made for straight men…

      Don’t blame guys like Scott Finn for not being gay- he still like gay sex maybe even more than you.. he just like vagina too and is masc. If you complain about bi guys go to Helix where most are gay af.

      • Gazzaq

        Jeez words fail me!

  13. MOP User

    Funny how all these so-called bi men are with women in real life.

    • Cherrystick

      You know! These “bi” men sure do love the heteronormativity of it all. Acceptable on the streets, same sex only in the sheets. It’s fucking ridiculous.

  14. logogay

    This is not funny but bitter reality. Most men who classify themselves as bi (and that only starts with a kiss) either don’t want to accept it or are true that they then like men and only look for the best for themselves to their advantage. Especially in the general public, a bisexual man who is with someone or says publicly that he likes men is immediately insulted or perceived as a fag. A no-go, especially in the heteromorous world out there. That’s why we will almost never or seldom experience that a man ever stands by it publicly or enters into a relationship with a man. And I don’t want to hear about people saying men can only have sex with men, not relationships. Because then these men are only gay against payment like male prostitutes in front of the camera and nothing more. Bisexual women are much more open-minded and free. They usually stand by it and have no problem with it. That’s why these statistics are so manipulated, where it is claimed that there are more bisexual people in the world than gays or lesbians. Because that’s mostly related to women.

    • Gazzaq

      Mate as I have said so many times

      You know I have said this before re “Straight” men appearing in gay porn, no matter how much they deny it, these individuals desire and want to have sex with men. They apply or are recruited to the websites and are given permission to have sex with other men on camera (as well as off camera) for multiple scenes making good money. They consuming cum in both holes and revered for this by their adoring gay male fans and thus keep up their hetero credentials.

      They state when question, “that we are 100% “Heterosexual” and woe betide anyone who states otherwise and millions of gay men with argue that this on their behalf, being vicious in their put downs of other who challenged them.

      Then these guys leave gay porn and marry women to keep up the appearance of their Hetereo Lifestyles yet continue to have sex off camera with other men on the download. So in essence its ok to fuck on camera for money, and received the positive affirmations as well as the benefits received from it is a bonus and boost their fragile over inflated egos.

      But what they dont want to do to be identified with living openly as gay man and embracing the lifestyle or the accepting that they will be treated differently!

      So I finish with if you consider going into the G4Porn Industry, there has to be a desire/want to have sex with other guys. But whether you choose to live openly as Gay man, after this is another matter as it takes years to accept yourself and deal with all of the challenges that go with it.

  15. asis

    so sorry for whoever is reading this, now all gay people are awful trolls.

  16. Luca

    I think a really straight guy never would make this kind of videos..

    Another curiosity:

    but these girls marrying these guys who made gay videos
    have nothing to say?
    Don’t they fear that one day partner might change idea about their marriage?

  17. Npt

    Has biphobic people you should join Ron DeSantis. You perfectly fit his ideology

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