7 thoughts on “Fan favorites: Dallen and Calan

    1. Houston I knew was limited performer and I since found out that he had appeared on one of the site like Chaturbate (I cannot remember exactly which one) but he has been doing solo jerk offs for about 3 years. He claims to hate doing it but appears regularly. He a bit like Cort from CF and is rather religious so cant deal with the fact that he loves the attention and the thrill that camming and showing off his dick and body to other men does to him.

  1. The contrast between the two of these guys with Dallen’s hairy bod and Calan’s smooth body, is nice to see. I have never been a fan of Calan’s. However he is a good performer but he does nothing for me!

  2. They’re going to use up poor Dallen in their ever-same little roster now. He’s going to be doing more porn than Dane, Rocky, Barron and the rest in a short amount of time. Unfortunately they don’t have more choice anymore. But the consumers who still subscribe to CF don’t care about seeing the same little content over and over again, they’ve been used to it for a long time.

  3. Corbin Fisher refuses to show their audience any type of hole. Once every 30 movies it seems like. The rimming scenes on their movies (to include this one) are the most vanilla on the internet. It’s like they’re stuck in the 90s

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