X: Ricky Roman “Your boy got some penis filler.”

12 thoughts on “X: Ricky Roman “Your boy got some penis filler.”

  1. Rocky Vallarta – Parasocial relationships are a hell of a drug.

    Morgxn Thicke – I’d like people to qualify what they mean by non-binary before they speak on it or their experiences. I’ve offended people by assuming it means NEITHER masculine or feminine, and offended others by assuming it means inclusive of BOTH masculine and feminine. It is difficult to engage in conversation when you start with a misunderstanding of the phrase.

    Robert Royal – Having a social media manager is the right choice for some people. They work within (or help establish) guidelines for interacting with others, monitor and encourage activity and fan engagement, and more to increase brand recognition. A lot of people just aren’t good at that. Individuals can express themselves authentically through SM. I think it’s great. However, we must also recognize porn personas are a product and a vehicle by which hard-working performers navigate the industry and make money. Social media managers, fan content editors, etc. give performers time to focus on other aspects of their brand.

    Lucy Hart – Nice that Lucy still has fans interested in her content and she can continue in the porn industry in front of the camera. I’m sure the support of good people like Aubrey Kate will make this go smoothly.

    Cliff Jensen – Congratulations on your sobriety. Please keep it going.

    Tony Genius – I don’t imagine hets are focusing on the guy in porn. Perhaps they have more leeway appearance-wise.

  2. Damn, what a mess….
    Steve Rickz – This guy was just barely “a thing” YEARS ago. Nobody watched him then, and sure will not now. Great, you love pussy and sometimes cock. I remember he could never get hard to fuck any hole! PASS
    Morgan Thick (hethey) Who are you again? Oh yes, your that 7th tier porn “actor” who nobody watches either…
    David Blake, Alex Ink, Baxxx, – This is what our gay porn world has deteriorated to huh? SAD.
    Elliot Finn – The most attention starved asshole around, Bitching again about attention from anyone at this point is just crazy. For a man who says he loves pussy he sure likes to hang around a lot of gays.
    Cliff Jensen, Lucy Hart, Tony Genius – WHAT A DISTRESSED BAG of DESPERATE losers and TIRED “stars” pumping out 9 minute sex scenes from a broom closet or dirty garage or a hotel room tricked up with stupid glow light devices..
    Gay Porn really is dead I guess. I miss the days of STUDIOS and real Porn Stars, corny stories to mix in with a gay porn movie. I guess we had it pretty good and did not appreciate it enough.
    Anybody know where I can buy a VCR Player ?

    1. Yep. It’s done. Dead. Thankfully you can retire from commenting on gay porn blogs and mosey off. Enjoy your retirement. Buh bye.

  3. Rocky has a point about only fans there are assholes that charge a fee to subscribe. You subscribe and then their paid content isn’t cheap. And now only fans has DRM so you can’t rip videos and download them. If anyone knows of a good DRM app on Google store let me know. Some guys like Gabriel Cross, Michael Boston,Roman Todd, & Josh Moore, you can see all their content.

  4. WHY would Ricky mutilate himself like that? He was fine! He was better than fine, although the tattoos had got out of control, but now he’s injecting crap into his PENIS?

    Someone needs to have told him to STOP, because this is a sign that he’s really not well.

  5. Bi Guys the wrestlers?? WTF more like the Theatre Kids thinking their better than everyone and acting like they enjoy pus when they’d choose a cock everytime. Funny how all these “BI men” are coming out of woodwork like cockroaches over the last decade after gay men did all the fighting for equality and acceptance.

  6. Once again you don’t read anything other than injections that are injected into the penis to maintain or get an erection, you read about operations, about cleanliness after drug withdrawal (LOL), about confusing stories of crazy actors or their same-old wives shit, surveys or other pointless shit!
    Rocky Vallarta, Elliot Finn, Steve Rickz, David Blake, Cliff Jensen: Who are you actually? Nobody knows you from gay porn anymore if you’ve ever made any good gay porn.
    Sister Roma, Chi Chi La’Rue or Mrs. Pam: Who are you hypocrites anyway? You’ve been turning gay porn into queer porn for years, you want to mix every genre and you consider yourself to be the most tolerant and human beings there are in gay porn. There’s just one thing you’re not interested in: legitimate criticism and the real problems in gay porn or the gay community! False snakes!
    And Tony Genius: shoot straight porn, shut up and say goodbye to the gay community. Nobody wants to see you in gay porn anymore.
    Thanks Denz for the weekly posts.

  7. Body dysmorphia is crazy. Over 135k followers but he still thinks he’s inadequate and needs to inject his penis with filler (seriously, wtf???) to improve himself.

  8. “As a non-binary person in the adult industry, it hasn’t always been easy to express myself and my femininity”

    Thicke… don’t be fucking stupid. Just because you take it up the ass, wrap your balls in a rubber band and get a bit swishy after a cocktail doesn’t mean that you are “non binary.” People need to stop it with this kind of language dumbfuckery.

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