7 thoughts on “Rate the site: Guys In Sweatpants

  1. Love Austin Wilde, love his site. Such fkn hot scenes. And chemistry w scene partners r off the charts, austin knows how to pair scene partners

  2. I like the content, GISP has higher quality in fucking and production than a lot of other studios. But I did have to give it a lower rating due to slow, irregular updates. The site uploaded 20 videos for all of 2023. The scenes are great, though I didn’t feel I was getting much out of my subscription.

    1. I agree. The quality is awesome. 23 scenes is less than 2 per mo. Which others release it seems at least 1 per week but many r inerfior in quality.

  3. From the models to the production quality to the scenes themselves, this site is one of the best around. And they avoid so much of the extracurriculars that so many other websites engage in….the focus is on where it should be, hot men, a diverse group of men, all engaging in sex with passion.

  4. Love the guys and the action. Points deducted for: infrequent updates, dim lighting, too much filler B-roll content, only one download size available.

  5. I used to love this site but I’m not feeling it anymore. The sex doesn’t do it for me and the lighting is so dark in so many scenes, i can’t even see what’s going on a lot of the time. Once in a blue they make something i dig but it’s nowhere near as great as when it first started. I miss that “Guys In Sweatpants” site a lot.

    1. Same. When they started, they were far and above one of the best sites. They’re now only significant because of the decline of other sites. But they have still uncovered some amazing talent in the last few years so I still rate them highly for that alone.

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