17 thoughts on “Kellan & Connor vs. Kellan & Connor (tip@Trex)

  1. Connor has said that he is not opposed to bottoming but they just don’t ask him to do it very often. I gotta admit that as a vers? mostly bottom, I like my fantasy tops to mostly top.

  2. I favor the “College-Jock” type of guys….so CF unanimously wins my VOTE. 🙂 🙂
    Thanks Trex / DENZ … for the same/same name comparisons. “That is a bit hilarious,…unique and quite coincidental.”

  3. I love Conno (Helix), an unabashed straight acting, meaning he is not effem, gay guy. Iits a tough choice since i like both Connors but So so on Kellan. Oh, i dont know, dont make me choose! :).

  4. I was going to tip you off on this, Denz, great minds think alike, Trex. IMHO while the pairing in CF is very hot, they seemed detached throughout and at the end (no breeding, no eating). Connor Kline, on the other hand, is spectacular in anything he does and even though he does not eat in this one, he is at least openly gay and proud of it and his Kellan is kinda cute, too.

  5. Hello-
    i know when shooting a video you can’t make a
    model do something he doesn’t want to do but
    and there’s always a but. will someone please
    explain to me the point of being bold enough to
    shoot a scene bareback but it ends without cum
    eating or breeding. why bother?

  6. I think you CAN demand that models be more versatile with their performances. But the audience has to make the demand to the studios. And they, in turn, employ only men who are willing to be a bit more flexible. After all, money talks.
    If it were up to me, I would not employ any guy (whether gay4pay or otherwise) who’s not willing to 1. kiss on camera, or 2. swallow a load every now and then.
    But from the model’s perspective, why should you be more flexible, when the studio and the fans let you get away with your limits? Would you go to work and do extra work for the same money?

  7. Sometimes Connor (CF) can come across a little disconnected in his scenes, but not so much in this one. This was one his better scenes.

  8. @dez,like I mentioned previously, I think Connor of CF is losing steam. Lately in his scenes, he seems bored and not as engaged as previously. Perhaps he is tired of doing porn? He is still great to watch, tho.

  9. He’s such a friggin idiot. In that same breath he also says he doesn’t consider himself bisexual (the same bullshit he’s been spewing since the start), but he “needs to have sex with women”? Porn stars are so stupid.

  10. I think the hottest part is when Kellan is watching himself getting fucked for the first time by Connor. Mmm…

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