23 thoughts on “New guy Michael at Sean Cody does live cam shows at Chaturbate as Justy (tip @ Terry)

  1. Its funny how most of the new guys at SC have nice bodies but that is it they are gifted in the muscle dept but not in the cock dept. If this one goes further then he will most likely be a bottom. LOL.

  2. What? SC will not have any of that if he is going to continue working for them. If it’s removed in 24 hrs then you can expect him to return to SC for more.

  3. This guy is pretty hot, plus there hasn’t been a hot Asian guy at SC in a while, top or bottom, I don’t really care – I just hope he comes back for more action!

  4. Not since Dale in my opinion. Dale, Devin (the one fucked by Owen, Harley, Addison, Paul Wagner and Berke Banks) and Immanuel. Although I do have a soft spot for the first Jamie and second Joel.

  5. So happy to see some diversity at SC BUT sadly he had to fulfill at least one stereotype … below the belt.

  6. Yep. The only Asian model that has been on that site, seen some man-on-man action and topped more than he bottomed was that gorgeous Immanuel. Every other one bottomed: Joel bottomed in all of his videos and Devin only topped once which was a flip with the first Michael.
    Oh, forgot about Sander (Johnny Ryder). He bottomed in all of his videos, too.

  7. Are you fucking kidding me? “Dali” you better be fucking Asian and even then the joking is a little bit in poor taste.

  8. Du Nazi Schwein! Kinder morder! To the moderators: WHY do you have a habit of allowing & posting racist comments? Why allow racism towards Asians while forbidding it for other non Whites? You do realize that you are supposed to ban users like these.

  9. Very sad. It would be better if he didn’t work with Sean Cody, an ex Mormon (i.e. extremely White)

  10. Late in responding but which Joel did you look up because there were three. The second Joel went on to become Lee Young of Colt Studios.

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