31 thoughts on “Former director & camera man of Sean Cody, owner of new site Kaden Dane (tip @ Knut)

  1. Don’t know what to think of this…. i thought maybe he is branching away from seancody to bring us actual gay performers, i guess no.
    He should really think about hiring a casting director.

  2. This only leads me to believe that there is still some decent money in production of amateur porn.
    He better come correct with the recruitment and do all of the things we hatted about Sean Cody.

  3. “I’ve filmed gay for pay porn for going on four years now.”
    1. So this’ll be just like SeanCody… only shittier.
    2. Least he could do is film things like GISP: use GAY performers, fixed-camera angles, more or less real-time, etc. But nope, have fun, slaving away at a computer for hours, trying to stitch together a 20-min scene from 7 hrs of footage because your gay-for-pay performers can’t keep it up for more than two minutes at a time…
    3. That is the dumbest name for a porn site I’ve ever heard of.

  4. Good luck to him. Some competition for the Mindgeek juggernaut is needed. Time will tell if the competition is worth much.

  5. Great…..Sean Cody-lite. Right down to the same kind of stills and models and production values….only cheaper, less well lit, with no photoshop.
    Just stop now.

  6. No. Just no. But good luck. Is he using the casting director crom staxus? Or maybe eurocreme?

  7. This MIGHT have something to do with MEN.com buying Sean Cody…I can see them crossing their models over, BUT making them all wear condoms. There’s a chance that this site will continue bare-backing, which really is what people want to see these days. To be honest, MEN.com feels quite old fashioned for shunning…and also for not making Paddy O’Brian give a blowjob 😉

  8. Wow you guys are being negative.
    I think it’s great that there are new studios like gayhoopla and kadendane.
    Healthy competition, more option for hot guys to choose from, it’s a win-win for us consumers. We will get the hottest content.

  9. hmmm. is this even wise? SC was just sold because of piracy/etc and so far the models he’s featuring look sub-par. average at best. aside from the guy with a buzz cut they don’t look special. Will it be bare like SC?

  10. I agree that you guys are condemning the site before seeing how it goes. Let’s not forget that Sean Cody wasn’t born overnight. I’m giving this studio a chance, and giving it time to evolve.
    This will be a lot easier if they get ‘Mike’/’Duncan’ to fuck a guy. So far, he did a solo for Sean Cody, and two solos and a serviced video for Chaosmen. He’s never done more than let a guy suck his dick and eat his ass.
    If KadenDane could pull off what Sean Cody and ChaosMen never could, I’d forever be grateful.

  11. LOL @ him touting the “gay for pay” angle. Some people NEVER learn.
    Ummmm…it’s 2015 dude, no one wants your so-called “gay for pay” BS. No one cares that you got to hold the camera one time over at SC.
    Way to be a douche before you’ve even launched your site. Do you REALLY think what the world needs is another crappy “gay for pay” website? Right…cause there’s not enough of that already.
    It’s going to be fun to watch this guy fail miserably.

  12. There is NO money to be made with the production of gay porn these days(the few exceptions prove the rule). He probably is using his savings, has a sugar daddy or convinced some friends that they could become rich (!) by investing money in this enterprise.
    What’s popular these days: upper middle class gay porn in the style of BelAmi and raunchy semi-anonymous gay porn à la Sketchy Sex and Treasure Island Media. If it is not bareback few people will pay for it. The silent gay majority has voted for bb gay porn. We all can lament this fact but it is a reality that won’t go away.

  13. Uhmmm, the silent gay majority doesn’t care if a model is gay for pay or not. How else can you explain the success of Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher or BelAmi?

  14. I might disagree with that–theres too much being invested in old sites like SC and new sites like this and GH. Not saying there is as much money as there was in 2000, but there must still be some oil in the well. BTW, he mentioned on Twitter that the site will be bareback and condoms depending on the guys preference.

  15. The minority who hate G4Pay refuse to hear your point @count. They’re distaste and inability to be turned on by it leads them to think the rest of us can’t watch hot guys engage in imaginary sex (porn) and pretend they aren’t anything we want them to be.

  16. I only care about a performers sexuality if they put in horrible performances and put out the vibe they don’t really want to do it (Sebastian Young). just switch to straight porn. But if a performer gives a great performances in front of the camera then i don’t care.

  17. Your comment confirms what Colby Keller said in his interview at theSword.com this week. He apparently gets paid much less than he did per scene when he started 10 (!) years ago. He is better known than most, so if he can’t make a quid out of porn, who can? He doesn’t escort, so he is reduced to his online begging campaigns to accumulate enough money to shoot his cross-country scenes. It seems at best porn is advertising for escorting, with a few exceptions. The CF and SC models who make good money should be investing it elsewhere (an education, if possible) for the short while they can attract the higher fees with a view to doing something else when the looks are gone.

  18. Seb Young will NEVER move to straight porn…there’s not enough money in it for him and what woman would ever fuck him, even for a fee?
    He’s porn and social pariah.

  19. I don’t really feel good about this. Only a minority of porn consumers pay for porn these days. So I’d hate to see the pornographer end up with zero after giving it their all to make porn. Sad.

  20. Well good luck for starting up this new site. It can’t be any worse than what Sean Cody has been of late (totally boring and predictable). And as for this site including hot ‘older” guys is a bonus! Just because one is over 30 doesn’t mean they don’t still have it. porn is about fantasy and performance regardless of one’s sexuality.

  21. I wish you would share that with some people on Way Big. Every time an SC update came up with Dennis, they would call him stuff like “Grandpa Dennis” or something. Dennis was 30 in 2009 but SC could have easily lied about his age like they did with Ajay aka Aaron Savvy. Either way, I don’t care how old Dennis is because he seems pretty eager to perform.

  22. There still money in gay porn for the producers and the straight guys. Straight guys get bribed to do it and overall make more than the gay guys, because they won’t take the small paycheck jobs. After all, they are straight men and have power and they deserve more than us queers. All the Gay4pay sites pay a lot more than the ones that support real queers. It’s pathetic how we sell out our own.

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