Mike (2008) of Sean Cody then Dom (2010) of Fratmen and now Duncan of Chaos Men (tips @ ryry & BabyV)

In 2008 Sean Cody introduced Mike who only had a solo shoot.

Mike_seacody_aka_duncan_chaosmen_01 Mike_seacody_aka_duncan_chaosmen_02

And in 2010, he became Dom of Fratmen.

Dom_fratmen_aka_duncan_chaosmen_01_01 Dom_fratmen_aka_duncan_chaosmen_01_02
Dom_fratmen_aka_duncan_chaosmen_01_03 Dom_fratmen_aka_duncan_chaosmen_01_04 

In a few days, he will be Duncan at Chaos Men. He is part of Monster Week that will start this coming Monday.


The difference is obvious between Mike (2008) and Dom (2010).

Dom_fratmen_aka_duncan_chaosmen_01_05 Dom_fratmen_aka_duncan_chaosmen_01_06

However, I see little change with Duncan (2014) and Mike (2008) which leads me to believe that Duncan’s shoot at Chaos Men was also filmed in 2008?

Mike_seacody_aka_duncan_chaosmen_05 Mike_seacody_aka_duncan_chaosmen_04