29 thoughts on “Will you be watching? Mick Lovell & Claude Sorel

  1. “MOST DEFINITELY”!! Mick represents the finest America has to offer to the European Porn Industry and the BEST >> (aka: BelAmi) 🙂 🙂

  2. They are both gorgeous. Mick has this sweet angelic look whereas Claude has this European ethnic thing going on.

  3. Oh my god! Are BA scene now bareback? That seems to be the case. They are a “just” bareback studio now?

  4. What is “this European ethnic thing”??????? Seems like a white Caucasian male to me.

  5. When one says a white/European person looks ethnic or has ethnic features or looks exotic, it means they look mixed. They have some non-white features.
    One could say it’s kind of racist, “othering” people of colour. But that is how that word/phrase is used.

  6. Mick is my biggest favourite in Gay porn! Amazing bottom! Will be great to watch this. Hope that BelAmi doesn´t wait so long to show his remaining unreleased scenes. Mick (sadly) left early spring 2013.
    We truly miss Mick! I really do wonder what he is doing now in his life.
    @JJ: No, BA isn´t only a bareback studio. They still have many condom scenes.

  7. When you say he sadly left, makes it seem like he died.
    I too wonder what he is now doing with his life. I dread to think that he has a FEMALE partner. Urrgh!!!

  8. It’s my understanding that they no longer film scenes with condoms. And they recently commented that they have released almost all of their colder scenes which were filmed with condoms.
    So, while their site contains many OLDER scenes WITH condoms, they are currently a ‘bareback’ studio, IMO.

  9. Man it must have been a non stop fuck session when went over to work for Bel Ami. He more or less retired a year into his work which was back in 2012, yet they’re still debuting new scenes. Clever agency. I know he changed his last name to Phillips when began modeling but I just checked and i can’t find any kind of social media profile that’s his. I wonder what he’s up to.

  10. Thanks for replying. I´m not a native speaker, so I appreciate your comment about using proper expressions (“sadly left”). I didn´t know it could be understood as someone who had died.
    If you have followed the short interviews (docus) with Mick on BelAmiOnline you get the impression that he is straight. Not from one interview only but if you add single things he said in four interviews/docus. BUT as he is so extremely good in bed in front of the camera, you of course really wonder if he is Bi.
    He has a girlfriend so he is not gay. He revealed on his modeling Twitter and on Vine vid´s (after leaving BelAmi) that he has a girlfriend.

  11. Mick had a two year exclusive contract that contained 25 scenes. As far as I know he started working for BelAmi on the Australia-trip march 2011 and left february 2013. But I don´t think he did any scenes after august 2012.
    I don´t think he did his last three scenes, but I don´t know for sure.

  12. Europe is made up of many different ethnic groups. There is no single “European ethnic thing” and the label “white Caucasian” doesn’t do justice to the many wonderful and varied physical characteristics of these ethnic groups. Italian, Irish, Greek, Czech, Spaniard, Hungarian, Swede, Russian, Portuguese, German etc. A wonderful patch quilt of ethnic diversity.

  13. In common usage, when someone says a white person “looks ethnic” they are saying that person has the look of a particular European Ethnic group. They look distinctly Italian, Hungarian, Spanish, Czech etc. They are not saying they look mixed race. They are not talking about race. They are suggesting that a person has the look of a distinct European Ethnic group. There is no “othering people of color” involved. It’s not “kind of racist” in the least.

  14. I am going to do some research but if I remember correctly it was reported that Belami had signed Mick up to do 50 scenes total. He left early and was fired for breach of contract. If I can find that story I will post the link here for you all to form your own opinion. Mick was perfect for gay porn and Belami knew that, which they took full advantage of by filming him as much as they could.
    It is amazing that he has a girlfriend for the way he was able to perform with a guy like he was a natural. I guess Mick fits the old saying that you don’t really know a person at all no matter how much you think you know about them.

  15. Ok it seems that the 25 scenes was the contract he had so I am not sure where I got the 50 from (maybe I was dreaming that would have happened) but the breach of contract was correct since he became a liability and was not doing what he was being paid to do. That was mentioned on a forum comment from the owner George Duroy back in May 2013 time frame. I think Denz reported on it some as well back then.
    It is still sad that this man didn’t stick to what he seemed to be very good at no matter what he chose to do off cam.
    I echo other comments that he is missed.

  16. I wonder on which side of the fence will he be when he is 40+ years old. 23 or 24 is within the age range when you are pretty flexible with sexual identity and attraction. There must have been some reason why he did gay porn to begin with. With looks like that, it can’t be just about the money. He could have made plenty as a mainstream model.
    I also find it interesting how these G4Pers seem to find girlfriends who are must less attractive and/or in the same industry. A porn past, not surprisingly, seems to restrict the field for potential relationships.

  17. These guys are in happy heterosexual relationships only if you believe “reality” TV and Facebook are real.

  18. @GMan: Thanks for two very interesting comments. I agree with the most of what you wrote. Except the 50 scenes which are 25, but you already corrected that. It is a 68.000-dollar question how Mick could be such an amazing performer if he is straight.
    A very important information that only was told in a commentary field (to a photo shoot) from George Duroy, BelAmi is that Mick was under big pressure to leave porn. Someone (Family/girlfriend/friends?) found out that he did porn. So Mick wasn´t really fired – he left himself. So sad!
    @Oz: I agree very much on your posting.
    1) I like Mick a lot so I hope I´m not being rude here. But with his looks (face+body) he could have a ten star-girlfriend. On his Modeling Twitter you could see him partying with some very good looking girls. But his girlfriend is very average looking. I also got the impression they had been together for a while (maybe on and off?).
    2) I of course also wonder if he started to do gay porn (instead of modeling) because he was very bi-curious. But bear in mind that he got 100.000 dollars for his 25 scenes!! You probably not get so much as a new model.
    That information was given on the BA forum but it was general info – not mentioning Mick. And it probably only meant between one or two months work in Europe(South Africa) each year!
    Two important comments. Not all the US BelAmi models have that extremely high salary. And the european BelAmi models are paid much less (due to lower average salary in these countries).
    Lastly – I do wonder how BA found Mick. If Mick contacted an US agent or was contacted throuh F4F? This became a very long posting… 🙂

  19. Agree with Filip and Antinoo. Did you see the interviews with Reece Rideout’s “wife” and Gabriel Clarke’s “fiancee” on Youtube? The former looked really unsure with it all and not particularly attractive. The latter, who was a girl who would not be on many guy’s must-do list, was looking forward to a “monogamous” relationship. I wonder what “monogamous” means when your boyfriend is pounding the asses of other men 4 pay.
    BTW, $100k is a lot for a young guy, but I studied for years to get special qualifications and can charge $500 for filling out a form in 10 minutes for clients…with my reputation intact. Glad I didn’t fall for the reality TV quest for fame…! And it wouldn’t be hard selling real estate to the top end of the market to make a lot more than $100k p.a. with looks like Mick’s.

  20. Thanks for replying and reading my posting that became way too long. George Duroy presented Mick as a “good mormon boy” but I believe that was a joke. Or maybe a marketing-trick.
    About one year ago I found an old private profile with Mick. There it said “atheist” about religion. And doing gay porn and partying hard (you can see him drunk in two BelAmi videos (docu+trailer), makes it in my opinion very unlikely that he is a Mormon.
    It is another big enigma about Mick that he dared to do gay porn, coming from such a conservative state. I wonder if he is a little of a rebel?

  21. Of course you are right that you can earn much more later in your career. If you do a career. And you say it is much money for a young guy. But I think it´s a lot of money for a “grown-up too.
    Here in Sweden the average monthly salary is 4.175 dollars (32.000 Swedish crowns). Mick got 4.000 dollar for each scene…
    And bear in mind that Mick probably only did 6-8 weeks job each year. I don´t know how often and for how long he went to Prague/Budapest/Bratislava/Cape Town and some other places. But it´s a qualified guess.
    Lastly-Most High School teachers in Sweden doesn´t have as much as 4.175 dollars a month. So it is a lot of money. And in the public sector (government agencys, muncipalities it is a good salary.

  22. Or it could be that a white person who looks ethnic is one who doesn’t look or has the features of a WASP / British isle / Scandinavian.
    Europeans from the furtherest East of Europe, the Balkans, the Iberian and Italian peninsula and Greece(and Turkey) are usually the ones regarded as “ethnic” Europeans because many(or like in the South of Europe, most) of them have a bit of non-white features.
    I mean, just look at Claude Sorel, he does look very ethnic compared to the WASP looking Mick.

  23. I know, but all of them have a set of features we call White/European/Caucasian. As I had said, those in the “edges” of Europe also have features of their neighbours, which isn’t surprising at all, really.

  24. Mick is beautiful, and a great performer. However, anyone who believes he’s heterosexual is a complete moron. Having a girlfriend (if he does), in no way makes him straight. He’s at the very least bisexual. Only tired old queens have trouble letting go of their reductive straight fantasies.

  25. Your first paragraph indicates that you think real White People look like the British and Scandinavian types. The others look “ethnic”. What I am saying is that Europe is a patch quilt of ethnic diversity. Each group has distinct ethnic characteristics. Mick and Claude each has a different but distinct ethnic look. All White European groups have distinct ethnic looks, whether Italian, British, Czech. Hungarian, Scandinavian etc. They all look “ethnic”. They have the characteristics of their Ethnicity. You seem to be saying that those with light skin and light eyes don’t look ethnic. Yes they do. They look like their ethnic group.

  26. My message did not suggest that a guy with looks like Mick Lovell should want to be employed by the public sector. One of the functions of the public service is to provide employment for people who can’t get jobs elsewhere in the economy. My point was that there would be many (private sector) careers he could follow to exploit his looks and make piles more money than in porn. Remember, a porn career is a “perishable” commodity, not unlike a hotel room or an airplane seat. After the first fuck, it is all downhill. An example is Paddy O’Brien, who now gets gang-banged to stay in the industry and make money. It wasn’t long ago he was an exclusive top.
    More to the point, I agree with Michael’s message below and Commonsense’s above. If Mick is Mormon, we are probably seeing the force of the Mormon Church. Just as there are no gays in Iran, Africa, or Russia, according to their leaders, there is no gay Mormon (notwithstanding that excellent site: Mormonboyz.com). My bet is that the church arranged that pretty girl to be photographed with Mick for Facebook as a cover, maybe even married him, just like in the good ole days in Hollywood when Cary Grant, Rock Hudson, Montgomery Clift, and others were always seen with “cover girls” to deflect attention from their real proclivities.
    Finally, although it is inappropriate for a porn blog, you might read no. 8088 of the Economist (Feb 2013) where a special report of the “Northern Lights”, i.e. Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland are reviewed. Apparently, at least some of their teachers are not well paid, but in Sweden they are happy because they have significant control over their jobs. Money isn’t everything, especially for Nordic teachers and the vast majority of straight males who could do gay porn but don’t.

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