It’s Monster Week at Chaos Men

Bryan, owner of Chaos Men, was kind enough to share a few photos of two of the guys (Duncan & Pax) who will appear on Monster Week beginning Monday till Sunday.

Hallloweenchaosmen_duncan_01 Hallloweenchaosmen_duncan_02 
Hallloweenchaosmen_pax_01 Hallloweenchaosmen_pax_02 

Big enough to qualify for Monster week?

FYI Chaos Men has a $10 discount for a 90 day membership and a $9.95 for 15 days.

7 thoughts on “It’s Monster Week at Chaos Men

  1. Ah, thanks. I thought he might have been a former SC model. I just didn’t remember his cock being so nice!

  2. Wow, i just went and checked him out at SC. I can’t believe his solo was way back in 2008. And it’s such a shame he only did a solo then. Kinda wish he’d fine back to SC for some action with the current roster. He still looks good!

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