Braulio Doran, Grey (TGS), Joe (BH), Dick Deamon & Russo (BLM)

Braulio Doran in a threesome at Lucas Entertainment with Edji Da Silva & Jackson Radiz.



Grey with his debut scene at The Guy Site as the bottom to Brett (his 8th gay porn name).


Joe as the latest blue collar worker serviced by the owner of Beefcake Hunter.



Dick Deamon in a flip fuck with Fly Tatem at Bromo.




Russo as the latest guy with a big dick at Bi Latin Men as the top to Aaron Gold.



10 thoughts on “Braulio Doran, Grey (TGS), Joe (BH), Dick Deamon & Russo (BLM)

  1. Fly is very, very interesting. Obviously, he’s an acquired taste with the tattoos and piercings, but based on his Twitter, he’s out, proud and a super slag, which is really refreshing.

  2. IDK I guess its a toss up between “none of the above” or “the one with the least tattoos” or “I don’t think anyone cares”.

  3. The narrative from Lucas Ent. is Braulio Doran is in a relationship with Edji Da Silva and they’re both tops…oh noes! I bet its a half-truth.

  4. I totally agree. I am generally not into guys with lots of tattoos (especially on their faces) but Fly is just sexy to me. To know he is also out and proud just makes him even hotter to me

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