Christian Wilde, Roman Todd, Cliff Jensen, Sir Peter, Vadim Black, Jonas Jackson & more


  1. J-Man

    What ever happened to Mike Maverick? I don’t recall seeing anything from him in several years.

    • Cherrystick

      He’s still around on Twitter. Recently he was super happy to announce that he fucked his first FTM person and was super pleased and happy about the ordeal. For some reason he finds that to be some sort of pedigree lien most of these guys. Ugh.

      Other than that, he hasn’t really announced a comeback to main screens and scenes. He does however do massage appointments as they’re advertised on his Twitter feed quite a bit.

      • Rockhard288

        Having penis in vagina sex with FTM seems to be all the rage. These guys think keeping up with and validating trans delusions still make them gay men lol.

        • IDK

          It’s virtue signaling, simple as that.

          If those clowns were really serious about this, they wouldn’t try to hide their PiV adventures as most of them do.

          Several pornstars did this shit recently, it’s actually pretty funny how cowardly they are.

          Also, we need a comprehensive list of the “gay” pornstars who pull shit like this, it would be very interesting to see how pozzed the industry really is.

          • Richie

            Austin Avery, Kayden Gray, Logan Stevens, Rocco Steele, Gabriel Phoenix, Julian Waits (CF Tristan), Jack Bailey, Cody Seiya, Josh Brady, Ray Diesel, Jack Vidra, Viking Muscle, Connor Taylory…

  2. andrew

    I’ve like Roman Todd since the time I saw him, years ago, bottoming on RB for the hot Cuban Rafael Cedano. In that scene he was like a nervous virgin on her wedding day. Over the years in gay porn he has become a great performer and has physically morphed into the Todd god.

    • Fathom

      I think he’s gorgeous. He’s really grown into his looks.

  3. Alfie Jonas

    after seeing Sir Peter’s positive comments on straight sites and commenting that he wants to fuck a vagina my expectations died with the admiration I had for him.

    • Cherrystick

      Damn. Didn’t know he said that?! Such a shame.

    • IDK

      So another one bites the dust…

      Why are all of those “gay” pornstars are trying so hard to please the straight porn market? It makes no sense to me.

      Do straight pornstars do this?

      Do any straight male pornstar brag about sucking dick or taking in the ass?

      It’s one or the other: or they have low, like near zero, self steam and feel the need to appeal to everyone OR they’re grifting and don’t give a shit to their gay audience.

  4. "Tigger68

    Christian Wilde how stupid can you be showing a picture of a gun. Now you are even more pathetic than before. Anyone that would pay to have sex with you is really dumb for spending their money on you. They probably had to spend more money to get tested for STD’s they acquired from sleeping with you. So they got screwed 3 times by you.

    Vadim & Jack you two were boring before and coming back would just mean you are still boring. Stay out of gay porn.

    Posing with two female whatevers doesn’t prove anything. It’s a good thing you are shooting with CM it’s going downhill ever since it was bought from Brian and now the scenes suck bc of production and the company that bought it out don’t know what they are doing behind the camera. That’s why they hired you bc you SUCK too. YAWN!!!!!

    Jake Waters glad to see you got all your shots unlike all these people that don’t believe in getting them, they would rather get sick and put in a hospital and pay thousands of dollars than get something for free and not get put in one. That is why the poor nurses and doctors are wearing themselves out bc of people not wanting to get the vaccine. CONGRATS TO YOU.

    • Brad

      After serving on a grand jury, I can confirm it is indeed quite stupid to post pics of one’s firearms on social media.

  5. Cherrystick

    Curious as to what people think about weird ass Marco Paris and his recent tweets with the use of a racial slur. His excuse being because he identifies as a POC and sleeps with what we originally thought as only men specifically black men but now black females too. I have my opinions as a black gay male but I’m curious as to others reactions.

  6. Pavel Ford

    OK, let’s trudge trough it all…
    Christian Wilde = there was a time you were young and exciting, its long past. Please go back into retirement. I am sure that Lowes still has your job in painting supplies open..
    King Justin and Mike Maverick = Michael Roman – Nobody cared then… or now. Goodbye.
    Roman Todd = You have stood the test of time. You are still relevant and HOT.
    Sir Peter = you were just barely interesting before. Now that I know you are a part time gay, goodbye, I am no longer curious about you…
    Eli Hunter and Jake Waters = NEVER saw either of you before. What, did you do ? a crowd scene and stand in the background 1/2 hard?? Either way – nobody cares. Just say goodnight.
    Jonas Jackson… pleas see the above comment and apply it to your ass….
    That’s about it

  7. andrew

    Roman Todd if you’re gonna break a hip fucking a guy, let the guy be me. I could brag to my buddies that the Todd god gave me his last pounding.

  8. Res1

    Eli Hunter makes fart videos. Ew!

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