Vadim Black & Jack King want a comeback

Vadim Black, controversial but remained in demand till 2019, had 100+ scenes released mostly by Broke Straight Boys & Men that started in 2014.

He wants a comeback.

Jack King [movies] started out as Buddy Royals (aka Buddy Davis), who did bi & str8 scenes, worked for sites like Men till 2017.

He too wants a comeback.


  1. Bangle

    Vadim looks like he’s gotten bulkier, that’ll make his little dick look even smaller. No interest in him.

  2. FieldMedic

    I’ll take Vadim Black back, but Jack King was uninteresting and never bottomed so he can stay away.

  3. Jeff

    They can both stay away. They only want to come back to gay porn cause they couldn’t cut it in straight porn & they aren’t making any money, so they want to go back to the gays like we missed them when they were both trash in their scenes. They need to stay gone

    • Jktooo

      Jack, as Buddy Royals, has done a TON of str8 porn probably twice as much as gay.. He can cum usually at a drop of a dime, both str8 and gay. He has done internal cumshots both gay and str8. He is just sexual. NOT G4p. He will have relationship w women, but no prob having sex w men, men women same time, trans, hes just sexual.

  4. andrew

    I’ll take a pass on Jack King, but I’ve always had the hots for Vadim Black.

    • Scott

      I’ve always had the hots for Vadim too. I’d like to see him return – but he’s got to shave most of that man fur.

  5. Doug

    All in for Vadim Black to return.
    Love to see him bottom.
    Love to see him to get facials and eat cum, something he never did.
    Perhaps push his limits a bit and get DP’d.

    As for Jack King, a big NO.

    • Larry

      Actually, Diego Sans came on his face and in his mouth in a scene for Men.

  6. Cherrystick

    Vadim is the same guy who…

    claimed in that dumb ass MTV show that he has to take a shit load of meds just to get mentally and physically prepared for his gay porn sex scenes.

    tried to bank off a new gay hookup app and failed miserably.

    schemed with lame ass Jake Orion on some never released scenes where they were supposed to have sex but instead they were collecting sums of money from fans and not producing a damn thing but them queer baiting.

    This is the one who wants to comeback. Okay buddy. Guess you want those gay dollars rolling back into your pockets. Sure Vadim, some desperate gays will accept you back for the fourth time but personally I’m not one of them..

    • Jktooo

      Fyi…Vadim and Jake did do some scenes, perhaps faked, but they did do scenes where both apparently fucked each other. Memory, i dont recall seeing much, if any penetration footage. But the other acting stuff yes, like cumming in a condom but not showing the footage of a pylsing dick, etc. just at end acodom full of apparently cum.,it was hot but left a lot to imagination.

  7. Jim McGhee

    Simple. All those gay-for-pay ex-stars have to spend a year as a (submissive, in Jack King’s case) bottom before they can top.

  8. Edie

    I wanna see a flip fuck scene between these two. Jack fucked Vadim bareback once for JSL. I think this is the time for Jack to return a favor. Any studio will be better than OF or JFF.

  9. Pavel Ford

    Vadim Black always enjoyed gay sex more than he admitted to. He suffers from gay cock shame. I knew him when he lived near Wellington and trust me, the guy was NOT just G4P.
    Jack King always was and always will be B-O-R-I-N-G and he can Piss right OFF…..

    • Jktooo

      Luke H is a jerk….but fkn hot as fuck. I can look past his BS and see how fkn hot he is.

  10. Space Tomato

    Someone is broke

  11. Adrian

    Unless Jack King bottoms, that’s no for him.

  12. shane

    If Jack King comes back to be a bottom for a gangbang vid at TIM or RFC then maybe… otherwise Nope he’s not hot or interesting enough to warrant a come back. Vladim and his tiny dick should never have been in gay porn, so I’m not sure why he thinks this fluke will happen again.

    • Jktooo

      Hahahaha. “Tiny dick”….tru dat.

    • John Dukes

      “tiny dick” — this comment is worthy of a size queen, but not of a real gentleman. Vadim’s dick is 5 inches, which is about average for men in general. It’s the perfect size for the average mouth to accommodate the entire dick without being gagged out He has a well-proportioned body for a small man, and I find him cute as hell.

  13. L'il Buttercup

    “Move on,” advises Stephen Sondheim. Go to college. Get a job.

  14. johnx

    No interest in either guy!

  15. theored

    I hope jack comeback for a bottom scene otherwise no

  16. Hervé Villechaize

    Vadim/Luke’s new career should be midget wrestling.

  17. Magnus

    There was a time when VB was attractive. Today, the ink makes him look a little too Tampa and worn out. King is a good looking guy, but his scenes were always boring. If he makes a return, he needs to be coached so that he delivers a better performance.

    • Jay

      Pair of g4p washed up has beens. Money must be running low for them to comeback to gay porn. But the self loathing gays will happily pay to see these two gay hating queens perform in boring disinterested gay sex…

  18. JJ

    Not interested in Vadim. He’s better out of porn.

    Jack King? Hell yes!

  19. Camille

    Jack King. I want him the best.

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