Lorenzo Ricci of Fresh Men & Marek of Czech Hunter (tip @ Chads)

Lorenzo Ricci is the latest addition to Fresh Men and he filmed a few scenes with the studio last year “As we weren’t able to film at our normal rate last year, we ended up with just a few scenes with this stunner.

He is Rami Ferris (2020-2021) at Staxus with 8 scenes released.

Marek is the latest update at Dirty Scout.

Czech Hunter, sister site of Dirty Scout, had a scene of him in 2012.

In 2012, he was introduced as Rudy Valentino (movies) at Staxus and Jan Mikulec at William Higgins.

Since then, he had other names from different sites such as Michael Benning (Belami Online), Lance Seawell (Colt Studios) & Rudy Martins (Cocksure Men).

4 thoughts on “Lorenzo Ricci of Fresh Men & Marek of Czech Hunter (tip @ Chads)

  1. Haha all these czech guys, Rudy Valentino, Adrian Serdar, Simon Best, Gerasim Spartek, Mito Kovac, Tim Scooby Tomas Fuk, thomas Ride,, etc etc u can find them all on mature.nl

    1. Oh, fuck…I really wish I hadn’t clicked on that link. The sight of that old woman with the udders is going to haunt me :-/

  2. I remember when he shitted or had some fleet backsplash in his Czech Hunter scene and the top just wiped it off his dick and kept going. I guess they were going for authenticity.

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