1. andrew

    That looks gross. Fisting is gross and unhealthy.

    • Isrchu

      You do realize, I hope, that 50 years ago the general consensus in western society was that gay sex was gross and unhealthy, and, in fact, homosexuality was bot criminal and considered a psychological disorder. You’re entitled to your opinion, but recognize the slippery slope you’re on when you try to advocate that others should conform to your standards of comportment, especially when it involves the sex practices between consenting adults. If there’s something you don’t want to see, just don’t look/watch.

      • andrew

        Because “50 years ago the general consensus in western society was that gay sex was gross and unhealthy” doesn’t mean that today we can’t recognize some kinds of sexual behaviors as gross and unhealthy. I’m not suggesting that others should conform to my standards of comportment as to sexual practices. I suggest that they look at the wrecked sphincters and see the evidence as to how gross and unhealthy fisting is.

    • Camille

      I can agree with you in part. However, I love piss videos.

  2. Reg

    Jesus Christ…he’s a beautiful man, but that is grotesque and I don’t see how the body can come back from that sort of damage. It’s got to effect his everyday life, right? You can’t spend 24/7 just fucking, so what happens when he’s walking, driving or doing absolutely anything and have THAT?

    I know it’s a fetish, that some get immense pleasure, I think also psychologically from what they’re doing…but think about what you’re doing to yourself :-/ This really is a form of self-harm and to the person doing it to you, a form of abuse.

  3. Alex

    If you show this shit to conversion therapies, It will work 100%

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