Sean Xavier, Marco, Harold Lopez, Marc Ruffalo & Louis Ricaute

Five guys as the top where two of them ate cum.

1. Sean Xavier with Jack Bailey as his bottom at Cocky Boys.

  • Sean did not suck Jack’s cock in the video. But he sucked the toes of Jack.
  • Sean was not fully hard – probably due to the size of his dick?
  • Jack ate the cum of Sean that Sean shot on his stomach.

2. Marco with Noah as his bottom at Corbin Fisher.

  • Noah’s cock fit perfectly in Marco’s hand – big hand or small cock?
  • Marco kissed, rimmed and sucked cock.
  • Marco shot his load directly into the mouth of Noah.

3. Harold Lopez with Rudy Gram as his bottom at Lucas Entertainment.

  • Armpits of Rudy licked by Harold.
  • Harold spitted on Rudy while he fucked Rudy.
  • Rudy fucked in different positions.
  • Harold shot his load on Rudy’s face. Then, Rudy sucked the remaining cum out of Harold’s cock.

4. Marc Ruffalo with Jens Christensen as his bottom at Belami Online.

  • Marc kissed, rimmed, sucked cock and ate the cum of Jens.
  • Marc shot a big load on the hole of Jens.

5. Louis Ricaute with Jason Rock as his bottom at Kristen Bjorn.

  • Louis kissed, rimmed and sucked cock.
  • Louis shot his load on the hole of Jason then ate his own cum.

9 thoughts on “Sean Xavier, Marco, Harold Lopez, Marc Ruffalo & Louis Ricaute

  1. “Sean was not fully hard” – is anyone surprised? This has been the case even before his recent reappearance in porn. As hot as he is physically, wood issues just kill all fantasy.

  2. Noah is one of the best eaters at CF and he and Jack Bailey ought to sign up for a bukakke to see who can swallow the most cum.

  3. To be fair Sean Xavier probably has the biggest dick in gay porn. The guy has a 10 inch or 11 inch cock. He probably wasn’t turned on by the white twink. Honestly I don’t understand why the studio paired Sean with someone so basic? I guess it is white gay man fantasy? Can’t blame Sean for not being hard. I saw his videos with Rhyheim Shabazz and he is absolutely hard in those videos.

    1. I went and checked his most recent video with Rhyheim. Although Sean is hard at some points, there were also other points where he was about to slide his cock into Rhyheim’s ass and was limp and having problems. Maybe he’s just not into being videoed and performs better in total privacy. Also he appears to have the type of cock where most of his hardness is closest to the tip (Corpus spongiosum for medical people) and the part of the shaft closest to his body (Corpus cavernosum for medical people) is not as effective in maintaining his erection. So when the end of his cock does get erect it may still droop rather than sticking straight out from the base. (This does sound a lot what Pierce Paris claims).

  4. I Bloody Loved It. Really good energy Marco is HOTTTT and what please me is that his versatile unlike some of the Top only others! And the little Noah is a perfect match for him. The energy and the cock sucking and ass fucking is excellent.

    I would rather see Noah or Roman appear repeatedly on here, rather those like Dylan, Jax, Galen et al from the past, who aesthetically pleasing ‘Straight Acting’ models, but whose performances are somewhat lacking and limited!

    Corbin Fisher how give us a good energetic scene unlike Straight owned studios like ‘Gay Hoopla’ who concentrate on giving their Hetero Audience the more aesthetically pleasing men and hard fuck scenes on Hot Guys Fuck, and then giving their Gay Audience the roster of least attractive models, and continue to tease and temp us with boring solos, in order to part with our hard earned money to continue their unfair practices?

    Guys I know who I rather stick with, give my money and attention to Thanks!

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