Shared by 6 guys: Kosta Viking

The latest orgy scene at Lucas Entertainment had the mouth and hole of Kosta Viking shared by Dom King, Harold Lopez, Jacob Lord, Manuel Skye, Rudy Gram, and Viktor.

✅ Kosta sucked all 6 cocks one by one. At times, a dildo was shoved inside his hole.
✅ The first to fuck him was Manuel, followed by Viktor, Dom (while Kosta sucked the toe of Harold), Rudy (mid-air fuck), Harold (mid-air fuck), and finally Jacob.
✅ Double penetration of Kosta by Dom & Manuel, Dom & Rudy, Dom & Harold and Jacob & Viktor.

No cum shot. This is part one. The second part will be released this coming Monday.

7 thoughts on “Shared by 6 guys: Kosta Viking

  1. It’s a wonder Manuel isn’t holding a copy of his dreadful “spiritual awakening” book to try and get some more sales? Maybe he gifted one to all the cast and crew. I’ll take my spiritual advice and guidance from anyone but a sex worker.

      1. What a tired comeback. Nobody hurt me. I’m just a smart, well educated guy who knows a bs artist/scam artist when he sees one.

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