3 thoughts on “One of the tallest: 6’7″ Johnson of Island Studs

  1. When we see a company like Island Studs that has only specialized in showing men jerking off for decades that you would never otherwise see in gay porn, never offers gay sex, but has existed for so long, then I always wonder how it does as far so Gayhoopla could go. At first Gayhoopla was alone for years, until homophobic straight business guys and women bought in and ran the company, turned it around and then introduced first a straight site and later a bi site. These sites were doing more successfully than the gay site, and when they successfully drove Gayhoopla into the ground and their straight sites were doing better, they dropped Gayhoppla and all of their gay customers (LOL) and only produced at this Year solos ala Island Studs. And yet these three horribly homophobic sites still exists. I realize how broken a lot of people are out there who support companies like this financially. I realize this again and again through comparison.

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