Cocky Boys vs. Hot House: Trevor Brooks and Swhirly

Another site has released a scene of real-life lovers, Trevor Brooks and Swhirly.

The first one was a flip-fuck at Cocky Boys.

The second one had Trevor as the bottom at Hot House.


  1. McM.

    Two different studios, two different direction styles, two excellent scenes.

  2. JR

    Hard pass on both of those. Still waiting on Trevor’s first mugshot. I’m going to go with a DUI or posesssion.

    • Bert

      And it appears that some would cheer you if you wanted to jump. Please just do it. You won’t be missed.

  3. Cherrystick

    Never focused on Swhirly to be honest but Trevor is such a turn off to me so anything he’s in makes me skip past.

    • sdsr

      Just curious – what is it about Trevor that makes him a turn off for you?

      • Cherrystick

        He just doesn’t do it for me. His choices in scenes and his performances don’t hit it for me. Personal taste.

        • Bert

          Personal taste for you might be scat?

          • Cherrystick

            Too far dude. It’s okay for people to just not like a performer. It shouldn’t be so shocking. Trevor is a no for me and I’m sure there’s guys who I like that others would pass on.

        • sdsr

          Ah, fair enough – I thought it might be based on things he says/does on twitter etc., which I don’t look at.

          • Cherrystick

            No. That’s not the reason.

  4. R47

    Like Trevor as a bottom. You can see he enjoys bottoming

  5. logogay

    Trevor is currently desperate to “prove” how “GAY” he is after dipping his cock into a vagina several times!

    • Gay PR Daddy

      That as well. Doing straight sex with three women while claiming to be Gay, sure Jan. Trevor who I have some friends in common with is trade.

      • logogay

        Exactly. So if a gay (?) man pretends that sex with women is just “work” (aka S4P), then that means that for him also sex with men is just “work”. So it says nothing about preferences or sexuality. So Trevor could also practical be bi or straight (G4P) and lie like Derek Kage or other “Gaybaiter Actors”! Or am I wrong?

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