55 thoughts on “Will you still watch a Marc Dylan scene?

  1. I did say something and it completely contradicted you comment that the only thing people are interested in on this site is cock. Many of us, as are you, are also interested in the socio-economic aspects of the porn business.

  2. Yeah, Dink has gone on record saying that Active Duty doesn’t have blacks because the members don’t want it.

  3. Although Drew who’s now doing duty at ChaosMen and was shot by AD’s guest director is Hispanic. It’s a start, I guess.

  4. I am not a porn star and probably never will be. I don’t know if they need to be turned on during a shoot. I don’t know what goes through their heads as they are being fucked for over 3 hours. I mean give people some slack. He’s not turned on by black guys, get over it. We all have types until we find the one person for right now or forever. WE ALL DO, straight people, gay people, transgender people, etc. That is why Hollywood makes money and why the porn industry is a billion dollar industry. There are thousands of types of porn, why wouldn’t you think that people have types? Now the question is do you think porn stars should fuck everyone? If it is just a job why don’t all gay porn stars fuck women, and then be considered fake? Why don’t straight male porn stars fuck men, and then be considered homophobic? You will always have some people that flip back and forth unscathed (Paul Morgan and Peter North), but it is not a huge population. In the article I read, he said his friend contracted HIV in August and that’s why he changed over after filming his 2 scenes in June. And quite honestly being uncomfortable about an illness and being uncomfortable about fucking someone is 2 entirely different things. The video he posted I did not watch, because quite frankly we need to start adjusting our views on people who say and do things on camera. Everyone who has a camera thinks people give 2 shits about what they have to say. And you are probably seeing my post and thinking the same thing. They say stupid shit most of the time, and most of it is for a specific purpose, fame. I had no idea of who Marc Dylan was until now. The more fuel you give these people, the more they are going to say things that are fucked up because that is the new definition of publicity. If you really hate him, don’t give him 2 seconds of your life. If you love him then you can support him by buying his movies and showing up at his events. And for those who probably don’t care, do what I am doing and write a long ass review and don’t give it another second of your life afterwards.

  5. You couldn’t be more wrong. I know him and he’s got a pretty good head for business.
    I think your analysis off the mark. But he will be fine, and possibly go back into his family’s business in the years to come, if his parents (adopted) ever retire.
    He’s easily one of the 5 smartest people in the room. A real survivor and well read.

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